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968 Journey

Welcome to my 968 Sport ownership section. Three Litres of Porsche Fun in a Front Engined, Rear Wheel Drive, Four Cylinder, Six Speed Transaxle package. Sitting puzzingly between a standard Coupe and the revered Club Sport, never has one model caused so much vexation, confusion and indignation, but still, it’s a great handling car with the Stuttgart Crest pressed into its long bonnet..

For a running specification of the 968 Sport, please check out this page..

It might be that ironically I own this car for a while, having bought it on a whim, as it now sits as my only car; having sold the 993 at the end of 2019.

Still, it’s a Porsche, and that invariably means Porsche Bills, so please enjoy, head scratch, smirk and smile at my first Front Engined Pig..

June 2021 – The Sale

May 2021 – print()

May 2021 – 2Fe(s)+4H+(aq)+O2→2Fe[2]+(aq)+2H[2]O

April 2021 – Cell Block Ache

March 2021 – Cups

December 2020 – Twenty Twenty

October 2020 – Lockdown.3

October 2020 – Buck it

August 2020 – Lager

May 2020 – Lockdown.2

April 2020 – Lockdown.1

April 2020 – Guest Blogger James O’Leary – f968

February 2020 – Shelf Life

Winter 2019 – Singled Out

Autumn 2019 – RoadTrip Revelation

Summer 2019 – Photo Pose & Storage Woes

Spring 2019 – Refurbish, Refresh & Refine

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