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With Liberties partially restored in May, heading out for a Drive was no longer a fantasy, and meant that some items on the 968 List could be ticked off. I booked in Ramp Time with Andy the Mechanic, loaded the car with the Koni Shocks, Pagid Brake Disks and some SPF30 and headed to Brighton for the day; 7am departure.

Driving around the UK during the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown really is like a scene from 28 Days Later or I am Legend.. There is no one on the streets, no one heading anywhere and there is no traffic on the roads. It is quite spooky; like it is a Christmas Day in the 1990s, but in May. We made good time to Brighton, taking the Motorways down. The drive however was perfunctory, and therefore would not be taken on our return journey.


Wheels off, we could have a proper look at the KW V3 Coilovers, revealing that actually the KW Dampers were in great shape; no leaking, no corrosion! Perhaps that chap at PEC Silverstone wasn’t such a Porsche Whisperer after all. The Springs however were a different story; both Helper and Main were shot, and need replacing.

I emailed KW directly and received an immediate and amazingly helpful response from them. For those in a similar situation with a similar requirement, here are the part numbers:

  • Front main 60-170 60110020 £54.17 + VAT each
  • Front helper 20-60-80 60110005 £25.00 + VAT each
  • Rear main 50-140 60110062 £54.17 + VAT each
  • Rear helper 10-60-80  60110028 £25.00 + VAT each

You’ll need two of each of course, so the Basket Total before shipping tops the scales at.. £380. Yes, it singes the wallet a bit, but not the usual torching a Porsche repair can give.

Brake Disks

Dropping out of Warp as we passed through the Gates of Brighton earlier that morning, it was apparent how warped the Brake Disks on the 968 were. Shaking rather violently under moderate braking, I used the gearbox to slow our approach; this would be their last outing. Pagid units fitted on the Ramps, and some tacoed recycling for the old parts.

Leaving Brighton, we took the scenic route across Sussex and Kent via Paragon Porsche for some polite Window Licking of a rather tasty Guards Red 996.1 GT3.

Returning to London late that night, and with a healthy 150 or so miles covered, all the cobwebs of Lockdown had been blown out. The 968 loves a drive, and I love a drive in it.

The A21 was without traffic so hovering around the Speed Limit was possible for most of the journey, switching between third and fourth gear depending on the situation, enjoying that power band.. We had the Sunroof out and stashed in the boot to fully take in the refound freedom that we enjoyed that day.

Sunshine, Fresh Air and the Open Road..

Dogs, Fleas; Birds, Trees

Neighbours have told me, and yet I forgot. The Trees that line the Street around the corner [where most of the Residents Parking spaces are to be found] are renowned for hosting Pigeons, as well as dropping Sap in buckets. As sure as lying down with Dogs getting you Fleas, parking under one of these Trees gets you the Birds, and after a week the 968 looked like a Barn Find..

Bird Shit has the corrosive properties of Nitromors, at least that is how it seems to react with Car Paint. Warm Soaking, Double Wash and Generous Wax later, and it was back to Shine.

Shelved, not Shelved

With the decision to equip the 968 with Recaro Buckets came the obvious next step of installing that Rear Seat Delete Shelf. Removing the Rear Seats is a straight forward procedure, starting with the Seat Backs and then the Seat Belt setup.

Installation of the Shelf required some advanced Yoga moves, as I tried to fix the Brackets blindly on the underside of the Shelf whilst in position, with the Brackets fixed to the Seat Belt stop. Then fitting the Centre Support using a similar method. Selftappers, so had to exert some force to them too. Nothing Porsche is ever easy.

I really am so pleased with the finished article, it looks so good, and all my own handiwork [except those extortionately priced brackets]. I had the Club Sport netting in the Parts Box that came with the car when I bought it. The only finishing touches required are some caps to fill the Seat Belt and Seat Back fixing holes..

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