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Shelf Life

NLA is the Acronym you don’t want to read next to an item on any of the Genuine Porsche Parts resellers’ Websites; it means No Longer Available, that Porsche don’t have any more in Stock and they don’t intend to manufacture more. That means that any of those parts that are in circulation or in someone’s Spares Box suddenly become hoardable and increase in worth by an unreasonable factor. The 968 Club Sport Rear Seat Delete Shelf is one such part.

I don’t want to transform my 968 Sport into a Club Sport, that is not the purpose of owning it, but the sale of a Shelf on a Forum for US$800 irked me so much that I thought I’d have a go at making one myself. It’s a piece of Plywood, moreover a 30 year old piece of Plywood, covered in Carpet. US$800..? Bonkers..

I headed to my local Timber Yard, and selected a suitable offcut of Ply, and £10 later I was walking home with it..

A very helpful 968 Club Sport owner had posted the dimensions of his Shelf on a Forum some time ago, and tracking down this Post made this Job possible. It would have been a very tricky Job without it.

I bought the Genuine Porsche Brackets [£30..!!], but on reflection/inspection I could probably have made those myself too..

Carpeting next, and ordered from Ebay for £10 for a 2m by 2m Cut of great quality Perlon. Lightweight, fireproof and black..

So there it is, my Porsche 968 Rear Seat Delete Club Sport Shelf. Will I install it..? Maybe.. It does look bloody great, and the Satisfaction Factor is pretty damn high, but really I am just stoked I proved to myself that I could make one for ~£30 and a few hours of my time. As for installation, watch this space..


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