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The 968 Sale

I have come to the decision to sell my 968 Sport..


I bought this 1994 968 Sport in February 2019 at ~163,000 Miles mark. I had it as a second Car to my 993, so it didn’t see much action early on, but after the sale of that 993, it took on Only Car duties.

In my ownership, it has received cosmetic work both internally and to the Bodywork: Recaro SPG Buckets and a Club Sport shelf to the former; restorative bodywork, refurbished Cup 2 Alloys and Paint correction to the latter. It has also recently had a new Battery.

Mechanically, it was sound when I bought it, so have only needed to maintain this perfect working order. It received new Bushings all round early on, and more recently a Suspension refresh. I replaced aged parts where appropriate and have hoarded new parts in anticipation of future needs; these parts shall be included with the Sale.


I bought the 968 from a Porsche Club GB Member and enthusiast, who purchased it from Hartech, who in turn bought it from one of their customers. Hartech had the car serve as a back up to their 968 Race Car for many years; as such it was never used on the track due to their Race Car’s reliability. It was maintained, serviced and stored with them during this time.

2500 – 22/07/1994 – Rivervale, Hove
10776 – 13/11/1995 – AFN Porsche
15684 – 28/11/1996 – AFN Porsche
18433 – 30/09/1997 – AFN Porshce
37598 – 18/11/1998 – AFN Porsche
53457 – 22/10/1999 – AFN Porsche
77080 – 27/11/2000 – AFN Porsche
101501 – 27/11/2001 – AFN Porsche
111026 – 02/03/2002 – CamTune
132398 – 17/02/2003 – CamTune
139800 – 20/12/2003 – Porsche Strasse
143339 – 08/12/2004 – Hartech [Cams, Belts etc.]
145328 – 20/12/2005 – Hartech
146382 – 20/12/2006 – Hartech
149327 – 18/06/2010 – Hartech [Belts]
149429 – 10/11/2012 – Hartech [Timing Belts]
152057 – 16/10/2013 – Brian Miller, Edinburgh
154852 – 27/08/2014 – Meadowfield Garage, Edinburgh*
156201 – 06/02/2015 – EMC Motorsport
162313 – 17/10/2018 – Robin Hamilton Autos, Edinburgh
165599 – 17-06-2020 – No. 5 Garage, West London

Coolant Changes


Brake Fluid Changes


..but the Proof really is in the Pudding. This Blog and an Instagram account both provision a well documented and transparent ownership. The only problems I have had are a failed Clutch Slave Cylinder [which a Porsche968UK member kindly refurbished], a failed Immobiliser [which was replaced like-for-like at great expense!], and.. Well.. I think that’s it..


The all important Factory Specification label is still intact under the Carpet in the Rear of the 968; all Codes are visible and legible. It is a C16 Club Sport Chassis Car in Guards Red with optioned MO30 ARBs. This is corroborated by its Certificate of Authenticity.


Mileage has just ticked over 170,000; opinions of this sort of Mileage vary from monstrously high to only ~6,500 a year, I’ll leave that up to you. But if you turn up with that as a concern hoping to bargain on it, then this is not the 968 for you. These Engines, maintained as this one has been, are bullet proof.

If you haven’t had a read, and fancy it, put the Kettle on and have a look through this Blog; all the Work I have had done, or done myself is here.


I have an A4 [Red, naturally] Box Folder of paperwork going back 20+ Years, including:

  • Tax Disks
  • MOT Certificates [back to its first in 1997]
  • Chronologically sleeved Receipts and Invoices for Work, Parts and Services.
  • Becker Stereo Booklet
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Porsche GB 968 Sport and Club Sport Brochure [inc. February 1995 Price List]
  • V5C [in my name at my current address]

The original Porsche Leather Wallet containing:

  • 2 Service Books [1 original, 1 supplementary] cataloguing a Comprehensive Service History [mostly Porsche, some Specialist and 1 Independent*]
  • Ancillary Booklets and Manuals

Supplied with 2 Keys inc. 2 Immobiliser Tabs, and the original 3rd Valet/No Torch Key. Spare Parts include:

  • new Body Panel Rubber Seals
  • new Cam Cover Bolts and Seals
  • 968 Indoor Cover
  • OEM Boot cover
  • Porsche Spare Bulb and Fuse Kit

Car is also supplied with:

  • Original Porsche Tyre Pump
  • Original Toolkit
  • Space Saving Spare

I also have a brand new boxed Quaife LSD ready to be bolted in, which can be included by agreement etc. It was the next thing on the list.

I also have an OEM NLA Club Sport Rear Hatch bowden cable [944.512.097.05] and pull handle I will include with the Sale, in case you want to take the Club Sport feel one step further.


There are plenty of Photos of the 968 throughout this Blog, but this set I took one weekend in Mayfair really are pretty good [if I might say so myself].

911 & Porsche World

The latest [at time of writing] issue of 911 & Porsche World magazine features my 968 Sport in both a Cover Photo and a 968 Sport Ownership article therein. It was quite a day of Shooting at Manor Park Classics and as it turns out, the perfect way to round off my Ownership Journey.


The Car wants for nothing, I maintain it well and enjoy driving it immensely. It turns Heads, generates Smiles and receives Thumbs Up wherever you take it. It sits on the motorway at cruising speed comfortably, and can be [and has been] used as a Daily Driver equally as well as being Road Tripped to Belgium and back. If you are after a sensible turnkey entry into Classic Porsche Ownership this really is the Car to start it with. If you want to Track it, a Spare set of Wheels will fit in the Boot; and that can’t be said of a 911.


I am not going to talk investment or speculate on rising prices, quite frankly I don’t really care for that kind of thing; it’s a Porsche, it’s a Car, and it loves to be driven. There may have only been 306 of these Sports made [converted from a Club Sport by Porsche GB to attract Sales], but the enthusiasm and following is quite astounding with friendly Clubs and Forums abound. I expect the next Owner will be similarly enthusiastic, and hopefully take it to 180,000 Miles and beyond.

The Registration Plate L31 CHT [as in Leicht, German for Lightweight] is a Private Plate, albeit year correct, and can be purchased with the Car subject to negotiation.

£18,000 will get you a great example of a great car.


Porsche Life

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