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I couldn’t actually believe the invitation at first, I thought that I couldn’t be this lucky, twice. But, as it turns out, I can. Dan Furr, Editor in Chief of 911 and Porsche World Magazine had messaged me on Instagram via the 968 Sport’s Account, and asked if I would like to appear in a Porsche 968 Special Issue of the periodical; of course, I said yes.

Living in North Devon at the time, and with the Photoshoot to take place in Runcorn [yes, I had to look it up too], driving the 250+ Miles in time for a 10am Start was going to prove tricky. Covid Lockdown restrictions allowed me to book a Hotel in Derby for the night before on the premise of a Business necessity; stretching it perhaps, but needs must an all..

Sitting in the 968 on the Driveway in Devon at 4pm, what happened over the next 15 Hours could only be attributed to Fate, or perhaps a Deus Ex Machina, because if things had not have happened as they did, then they could not have happened at all, I’m sure of it.

The Drive to Derby was spirited, taking in the A361, M5, M42 and [everyone’s favourite Race Track] the M6 Toll, arriving at the Hotel a whole Hour earlier than expected; the 968 plinking and tinking in the Car Park. I stepped out somewhat bemused by the time taken, the only sign of which was a rather damp Tee Shirt back. As I walked into the Hotel, I turned around to look at the 968 with smiley eyes and noticed that the Rear NS Tyre had a bit of a bulge as it met the gravel. I thought it was simply resting at an angle on a lump perhaps; I would be proved wrong.

The following morning, rising early, I stepped out to Puncture.

Managing to get use of a Bicycle Track Pump, I inflated the Tyre sufficiently and headed to a local Kwik Fit, where I waited until its 8am opening.

7.59am ..

8.00am ..

8.01am A polite knock on the Door, I was ushered into the Office. There were no Puncture Slots available until 4pm that day. Excellent.

8.02am There was a National Tyres just around the corner. Bingo. They could repair the Puncture almost immediately, having me on the road but cutting that 10am Start Time in Runcorn quite fine.

Wheel off, I was told that the Puncture was too close to the Sidewall of the Tyre to allow a Repair; it needed a new Tyre. They could get one, but it wouldn’t be until 4pm that day and at a rather Wallet Singeing £250. I considered driving to Runcorn with the Puncture, “I wouldn’t” came the opinion of the National Tyres Manager. I knew he was right too, and felt instantly embarrassed at my suggestion.

I called Dan to tell him I wouldn’t be able to make the Photoshoot and as we both lamented the situation, one of the Mechanics walked over to say that he knew of a Tyre Fitters a few miles up the road who might be able to help, since they had a rather comprehensive Stock of Rubber.

9.00am Like Sunshine breaking through Clouds..

B.A.B. Motors to the rescue, they had a couple of options for me [literally]: Budget or Premium. Tyre inflated, Wheel refitted, I drove to Peartree.

Opting for two new Nexen Rears to ensure a balanced Drive, the new Rubber was fitted and I was good to go. I couldn’t believe my luck, and all for under £200. Inspecting the Pilot Sport puncture revealed the culprit. I could never have made it to Runcorn as it was.

A few dozen “Thanks!” later and I was back on the road, driving across the A52 with the knowledge that I was never going to make the 10am Start Time. But with the Wind in my Sails, and an agreed late arrival, I was smiling and driving at pace.

11.30am As I pulled up to Manor Park Classics, the Sun was shining.

Chris the Photographer was finishing off the dedicated shots of Rob’s 968 Sport [the other 968 in the Shoot], ready for my inclusion in the frame for the pairing shots. It could not have worked out more perfectly.

As instructed, I moved my 968 into position for a some varied angles, the Cars looking fantastic together; Primary Colours popping against the monotone background.

With conversation flowing, stories and opinions shared, meeting Chris in person was great. Forums are great places to question, answer and learn but nothing beats a face to face over Free Coffee whilst your Car is given Centre Stage.

With Chris’s Lens firmly focused on my 968, he set about capturing the culmination of the last two and a half years of ownership. I admit, I was proud, the Car looked great. Especially that New Paint..

As the Afternoon progressed, the Photoshoot evolved into a meeting of Friends and Enthusiasts talking Porsche, Life and everything in between. I had a sense of Completion from the whole experience, that started me thinking that it was time to move the 968 on.

I hit the road to Devon around 5pm, hoping that it wouldn’t take the Apple Maps predicted 5 Hours, and thanks to the draughting of a Panamera 4S, I made it Home in time to see the Sun set; clocking an exact 560 Miles.

If you are an Instagram User, here is a Story Highlight of the day..

Five Sixty Dead.

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