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Neueste Neun

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Shelf Life

NLA is the Acronym you don’t want to read next to an item on any of the Genuine Porsche Parts resellers’ Websites; it means No Longer Available, that Porsche don’t … Continue Reading Shelf Life

Singled Out

The Journey I had been on with my 993 was an exhaustive one. I had transformed the Car; repaired, restored, renovated and re-purposed it.. It was not the same 993 … Continue Reading Singled Out


It’s the unmistakable centre piece of an Air Cooled 911, the Alternator / Cooling Fan. Propelled by a Belt off the Lower Pulley, it draws air in through its blades … Continue Reading Fanatic


They are monstrously expensive, rare if you can find original units, crazy difficult to preserve, and not that light. But. They are Speedlines. Moreover they are Speedlines for Porsche, and … Continue Reading Speedlines

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