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It’s the unmistakable centre piece of an Air Cooled 911, the Alternator / Cooling Fan. Propelled by a Belt off the Lower Pulley, it draws air in through its blades over the engine block, providing much needed cooling. Despite the assertion that the 911 Air Cooled engine is just that, it is actually Oil Cooled. […]

Leicht wie Luft

Fancy German title has to mean that this is serious, or important, or both; and it kinda is.. The first leg of this Journey came to a conclusion on Saturday with a Weigh In, two and half years after it started. Out of the Factory, the 993 Carrera Coupe weighed in at a svelte 1370 […]


In. A Performance Air Filter is very often the first Engine modification to be made when seeking extra Horse Power from an Internal Combustion Engine. Allowing more Air in through the Intake Manifold with less resistance allows the Engine to burn more Fuel and hence produce more Power. The 993 comes fitted as standard with […]

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