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It’s always nice to look back wistfully and remember only the good things about Cars you owned..

1994 Toyota 4Runner

In the Cabin, it smells of 1994..

2001 996.1 Carrera 4

This is my WishList 996: No Sunroof, No Parking Sensors, a Hartech Block and a Six Speed ‘Box.. Add an MO30 Chassis, Four Wheel Drive and an Arctic Silver over Black colourway, and I’m set for another 911 Adventure..

1994 968 Sport

Three Litres, Front Engine , Rear Wheel Drive, Four Cylinder, Six Speed Transaxle Porsche Fun package..

1994 993 Carrera

The Pig that started this Blog..

2012 997.2 Turbo S

550BHP of Bonkers..

2009 997.2 Carrera S

Cocoa Brown, texture like Sun..

Write Up coming soon..

2004 996.2 GT3

If it sounds Too Good to be True, it probably is..

Write Up coming soon..

1969 912

Super 90 Flat Four perfection..

Write Up coming soon..

1964 Type 1

1200cc 6V Flat Four, and I could fit my 6/6 Surfboard in the Passenger side..

Write Up coming soon..

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