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“Slow down, Turbo..”

Bought Mileage: 9,065
Sold Mileage: 16,096
Months of Ownership: 8

Looking back, it was a ridiculous choice..

The finance payments were as good as One Thousand Pounds a Month, it could get to 60MPH from standing in under Three Seconds and it topped out as close to 200MPH as you’d want to get.. Oh, and I was unemployed.. But, when my Annual Midlife Crisis hits, the urge is almost undeniable..

Trading in my newly repaired 997.2 Carrera at JZM I wanted to over reach as soon as I saw the Turbo S. GT Silver, Black Leather, Centrelock Wheels, Ceramic Brakes; the specification was fantastic. But honestly, looking back, I could have had any other 911 at JZM on that early Summer’s day in 2016. I do regret not looking around a bit more, or even holding off a while until something else came up.. 997.2 GT3, 997.1 GT3, 996.2 GT3..

There was even a 997.1 GT2 that had had some Track Focused upgrades, and it was GT Silver. It was also £30,000 more than the Turbo S and I was already biting off about as much as I could chew..

Roll on a month or so of ownership, and I found myself in a very different personal place, so I did what any sensible Newly Single Adult would do; I spent Money on my 911.. Starting with a Sharkwerks Exhaust, and despite Import Duty it was singly the best value piece of kit I could have bought [until the next piece of kit I bought]. The sound from a Sharkwerks really doesn’t come across in a Video as revelatory as it does in Reality. The Roar was incredible. The Idle was dreamy.

Wolveroon X Sharkwerks

Not satisfied with sounding like I was tearing Hell in Half in under Three Seconds, I decided I needed a set of Carbon Buckets to sit in whilst doing so. I found a set for sale on Ebay by the chaps at Cameron SportsCars that a Customer had removed from a 991 he was modifying to R specification. Technically second hand, they were in great shape only having seen a few hundred miles, they were expensive nonetheless but elevated the Turbo S’s Cabin.

My next decision perhaps wasn’t the best one I had made thus far, but hey, it means I won’t make it again; probably. To preserve the Paint on the Front PU, I opted for a clear protective wrap, but whilst in there decided to get the Bonnet done in Matte Black. Yeah. Well, as I said, I thought it was a good idea at the time.

I spent the Summer of ’16 driving to, from and around Devon, Cornwall, Sussex and Surrey in the Turbo S, there was even a trip to Manchester; it was an Epic Grand Tourer. Surfboards and Bikes up top on the Roof Racks juxtaposing its raw capability to destroy any would-be rival on the Roads.

Demonstrating its capabilities as a Daily is the role of any 911, but what this Turbo S variant really craved was a RoadTrip. But where to..? I needed to impress my New Girlfriend. How about Copenhagen..? Sure..

Every Euro RoadTrip starts with the Chunnel..

Snow, Freezing Temperatures, Northern Europe, La Boheme at the Copenhagen Opera House..? Sounds exciting. I put on my heaviest Shoes and hit the Blacktop towards Denmark, via Ghent and Gross Meckelsen (and the Hotel zur Kloster-Mühle). The Turbo S just ate up the Miles, cruising at respectable Speeds once on the Autobahn, and reaching The Fastest I Have Ever Driven In A Car when the opportunity presented itself; 178 MPH. Bonkers. Later, I calculated that we were travelling 73 Metres every Second.

What a Beast.

So why did I sell it..? It’s an expensive Car, and it required looking after, and I simply couldn’t afford to apportion that much of my income on it. It frightened me a bit, the potential cost if [when?] things [like Oil Rads] go wrong. Plus, those Monthlies. Eesh..

I sold it for what I paid for it, and swapped the Seats back selling those too for purchase price, so I couldn’t complain. It had effectively been Free Motoring.

Oddly, I was walking to Regents Park a couple of months ago [November 2020] and heard a familiar roar along the Euston Road. I couldn’t believe it, it was my old Turbo S, I recognised the issued Registration Plate! It was great to hear that the Buyer had kept the Sharkwerks pipe on the back [I had supplied the original with the sale].

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