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996 Journey

Following the Sale of my 968 Sport, I thought that I was going to take a Sabbatical from Porsche Ownership, as dramatic as that might sound. Turns out I just can’t help myself though, because as soon as I saw this 996 Carrera 4 for sale, I knew it was the one for me.

M96, IMS, RMS, Bore Scoring and the reputation of having been made of Cheese didn’t deter me, so I invite you to spectate as I embark on another self flagellating journey with the Ugly Duckling of the 911 Genome..

For a running specification of the 996, please check out this page..

July 2021 – Itchy Trigger Finger

September 2021 – Cosmetics

October 2021 – Contact

December 2021 – Winter Werk

March 2022 – The Sale

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