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Having driven a few Hundred Miles since the Purchase, I thought I’d get stuck in to making a few cosmetic changes to the Pig..


As I said before, I had to look beyond Those Headlights when I zeroed in on the 996..

I understand, sympathise even, the need or desire to upgrade Headlights. My 993 had a HID Conversion done by a Previous Owner and I have to admit that I liked it; I also upgraded Side and Rear Lights to LED. Brighter, Clearer, Safer. But the LED Conversion on the 996 just doesn’t do it for me despite the obvious Safety Improvement.


I was nervous about reverting them back to the OEM Units however, because somehow I had imagined the process to be typically Porsche; experience gained during my 993 ownership perhaps..? However, when I asked the World Wide Web how to remove a Porsche 996’s Headlights I was rewarded with some refreshingly simplistic instructions, which I shall now impart.

  • Open “Frunk” and starting with the Offside, pull away the Carpet to expose a large Rubber Grommet; remove that Grommet.
  • Dig in to your Porsche 996 Toolkit and pull out the Hex Socket.
  • Slot Hex Socket into Hole revealed from pulling the Grommet and twist Clockwise [Offside] or Anti Clockwise [Nearside] a quarter turn.
  • Headlight Unit will become loose in the Fender/Wing. Pull forward with care.
  • Remove entirely.

Once out, you can have a bit of a clean of that space, as required. Mine seemed pretty good as was. Installing the OEM Headlight is a reversal of removal.

  • Be sure that you have left the retaining bar [rotated by the Hex Socket] in the down position as shown in the last of the photos above.
  • You’ll need to locate three male tongues into their female grooves accordingly; one on the inside edge, two on the outside.
  • Push the Headlight Unit into place, twisting the Socket in the opposite direction to which it was turned during removal.
  • Remove Hex Socket, replace Grommet, replace Carpet.
  • Repeat process for the Nearside.

There, not so difficult was it? Important at this stage that you check all the Bulbs work etc. Side, Main, Full & Indicators.


If I thought the Fronts were easy, wait until I swapped out the Rears.. Except it wasn’t that easy, or inexpensive. The Rear LED units required some Electric-ziggery to regulate the Voltage into them which had meant that the Loom had been modified to suit.

So, new Looms it was, and at £300 for the set, a Stiff Drink was warranted. Then in that Drunken Haze I realised that I could sell the Modified Looms for a premium with the LED Lights. So I had another Stiff Drink in celebration.

Removal and installation is a simple four step procedure:

  • Open Engine Lid and remove the 10mm retaining bolt.
  • Slide the Light Unit rearward and disconnect the main Loom socket.
  • Connect the Loom to the assembled in-going Light Unit.
  • Thread and tighten the 10mm retaining bolt into the Unit. Bingo.

Don’t forget, once again, to test the Bulbs. I used my Steering Lock to depress the Brake Pedal whilst I checked it’s illumination.


Whilst removing the Headlights [and subsequently referring to the Build Sheet], I discovered that my 996 features the Headlight Washing specification, so wanted to reinstate those. They had been [rather agriculturally] capped.

The Washers were not supplied with the Car unfortunately, so Ebay it was, and a set purchased for £72. Which was a good thing, since a new set will cost £320 and I was not keen on so many Stiff Drinks this early into Ownership. Also required was a set of the Brackets that hold the Washers in place; Ebay again, for a used pair at £16.95 so still not reaching for that Bottle. Lastly however, the Headlamp port parts that allow the Washers to peak through. These were new at £33.68. Each. Before VAT. “I’ll have Ice with that Drink please Bartender..”

Because the Previous Owner had not removed the Hose System, reconnecting the Washers up was straight forward. There is a small amount of alignment required, wiggling the Bracket’s top mount, to allow the Washer Heads to extend fully through the Headlamp port.


Rear Wiper Delete is a very common modification to a 911, the frustrating part can be when the Wiper Motor Arm itself penetrates the Rear Screen leaving a rather obvious Hole to cover. Not so with the 996 where both a Rear Wiper and Non Rear Wiper spec’d car have the same Rear Screen; the Wiper Motor Arm appearing through a panel. This production cost saving also means that the Delete Plug sits on the Bodywork.


I do like a Tidy Engine Bay, and that Design Tek blue Induction Pipe just didn’t cut the Mustard for me, nor that silver Resonator Plug; they had to go.

Step up Spyder Performance and their perfectly black Plenum Hose, adapted for my GT3 82mm Throttle Body. I did a little D.I.Y. on the Resonator Plug by way of a BBQ Stove rattle can with a nice Matte Black Finish; its heat resistant properties also being useful.

That looks better.


I don’t really like Model Badges; my 993 was devoid of its Carrera moniker, and I wanted the same for the 996 Carrera 4. It’s that I don’t really like the interruption of the Paintwork I think, whatever the reasoning I prefer it without.

So, how does the 996 look now..? Better I think, and more “Stock” which given my proclivity to personalise and customise is rather odd. This Journey however is only just getting started.

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