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The 996 Sale


I bought the 996 Carrera 4 in July of last year at the ~75,000 Mile mark. I had recently sold my 968 Sport and thought that I would wait a while before I jumped into another Porsche; as it happened, I needed to scratch a 996 itch I had had for some time, and with Prices on the rise, leapt at the chance when I saw this one for sale.

During my ownership, it has received quite some work both mechanically and cosmetically; Suspension, Exhaust, Lighting and more recently, a complete respray of the front half of the Car.

Mechanically, this car is perfect. With a Hartech Engine, Short Shift Kit, GT3 Plenum, Spyder Performance Plenum Hose and a Milltek / DesignTek Exhaust setup, this MO30 Suspension Chassis Carrera 4 drives with the handling, acoustics and responsiveness normally associated with its GT3 sibling.


Internally, the unblemished Leather, spotless interior, recently painted Centre Console in Arctic Silver and GT3 Console delete present the Cabin as a place you want to sit in for Miles and Miles. The 3 Spoke Steering Wheel is in fine fettle with no worn Leather or Thread.

Externally, the car has recently [February 2022] undergone a full front end respray with little to suggest the rear has not been treated to the same. There is no rust, no dents nor dings, nor worn or dulled Paint.

The Wheels, in fairness, could do with a touch up, since they were removed shortly after I purchased the 996 and kept in storage until their recent fitment. I ran with a set of 996.2 GT3 Wheels during most of my ownership.

The Pirelli P Zero tyres were new at purchase, fitted by the selling Garage to the Turbo Twists, and saw only a few hundred miles.

The Front Windscreen has an Auto Glass repaired chip; if the Screen cracks, the Screen will be replaceable under their warranty; the receipt for which is included in the Folder that accompanies the 996. There are no other marks, chips or scratches to any of the other Glass.


I am the 6th Owner since its February 28, 2001 delivery date; I put the Carrera 4 through a Minor Service at Charles Ivey who have looked after the 996 during my ownership.

The Service Book is stamped with the following:

Service History

6137 – 10/04/2002 – Porsche Centre West London
16342 – 10/05/2002 – Porsche Centre West London
19047 – 08/03/2004 – Porsche Centre West London*
24528 – 10/03/2005 – Porsche Centre West London
33728 – 24/02/2006 – Porsche Centre Tonbridge
43720 – 01/02/2007 – Porsche Centre Tonbridge*
49816 – 19/03/2009 – Porsche Centre Cape Town
55222 – 21/04/2011 – Porsche Centre Cape Town
59716 – 10/05/2013 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich*
63124 – 15/05/2014 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich
66350 – 03/08/2015 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich^¬
67916 – 18/07/2016 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich
69340 – 26/07/2017 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich*
70476 – 23/07/2018 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich
72405 – 17/07/2019 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich
74341 – 21/07/2020 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich
78528 – 04/12/2021 – Charles Ivey Specialist Cars, Surbiton

^ L.N. Engineering IMS Ceramic Bearing retrofit * Major Service ¬ Hartech Engine Rebuild

Brake Fluid Changes


Long Life Guarantee Condition Report

2 Year – 16/05/2003 – Porsche Centre West London
3 Year – 08/03/2004 – Porsche Centre West London
5 Year – 24/02/2006 – Porsche Centre Tonbridge
6 Year – 01/02/2007 – Porsche Centre Tonbridge
7 Year – 19/03/2009 – Porsche Centre Cape Town
8 Year – 21/04/2011 – Porsche Centre Cape Town

There is no Condition Report for Year 4 or 9

Airbag System Check

10/05/2013 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich
26/07/2017 – Autowerke Porsche Specialist Norwich


The all important and original Factory Specification label is still intact on the underside of the Bonnet; all Build Codes are visible and legible, and are corroborated by the label in the Service Book.

Vehicle Identification Number is consistent across the V5 Certificate, Factory Labels, the Front Windscreen and Driver Door Factory label.

This is a C16 MO30 Chassis Car in Arctic Silver with Extended Black Leather, the Build Codes translate as:

030 Sports Chassis Suspension 10mm lower
XX2 Illuminated Footwell
X97 Aluminium inlay gear lever
X98 Aluminium inlay handbrake lever
139 Seat heating, left
236 Internal production code related to tyres
288 Headlamp washer
340 Seat heating, right
413 18″ 993 Turbo-look wheels (not hollow spoke)
425 Rear window wiper
436 3-spoke steering wheel
446 Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest
490 Basic sound system
567 Top-tinted windscreen
659 Board computer
692 6-disc CD changer Becker Porsche CDC-3
699 MiniDisk-radio Becker Porsche MDR-32
936 Leather rear seats
981 Leather dashboard and door panels
983 Leather front seats

09981 X option installed on principal Assembly Line
09991 Sonderwunsch [Exclusive] Program X Option installed at Werk 1 Assembly



Despite the 996 being 2001 MY, it is possible for it to be ULEZ compliant. If you write to Porsche AG requesting a Certificate of Conformity, they will forward this to Porsche GB who in turn will notify TfL informing them of the car’s eligibility.

The new owner of the 996, whether London based or not, will not need to go through this administration since I have jumped through these Hoops already. This 996 Carrera 4 is ULEZ Friendly.


The car sits at 80,053 Miles.

I do feel bad for the new Owner that I crossed the 80,000 Threshold, I am sorry.. If it makes any difference, it was done having a very enjoyable and spirited Drive up the A22 very early on a Tuesday morning last week, before the Commuters hit the Roads. I didn’t even notice it happen until I stopped at a set of Traffic Lights, and glanced down at the Dash; 80004..

The mileage will increase slightly until a Sale is agreed, but no trips across the Country.


I have an A4 Box Folder of paperwork, including:

  • MOT Certificates
  • Chronologically sleeved Receipts and Invoices for Work, Parts and Services.
  • V5C [in my name at my current address]
  • ULEZ Compliance Documents

The original Porsche Leather Wallet containing:

  • Service Book cataloguing a Comprehensive Service History
  • Ancillary Booklets and Manuals

Supplied with 2 Keys. Car is also supplied with:

  • Original Porsche Tyre Pump
  • Original Toolkit
  • Space Saving Spare

I popped into Mayfair at the Weekend, to one of my favourite Car Photo Taking spots, parked up the 996 and took a few photos. Enjoy..

Walk Around

Passenger Aspect

Driver Aspect







Other External


I figure there are two types of people looking for a 996; those who have had a 996 in the past and want again, and those that have never owned, are a touch sceptical but are keen to try.

For the latter, I took a mate of mine to the Bicester Scramble at the end of last Summer, picking him up in the 996 en route; I even let him have a go behind the Wheel. He is somewhat of a Petrolhead, and a 996 Sceptic to boot, so wanted to see his Mind change when he enjoyed the higher Rev Ranges.

Look at that Smile, pure driving delight.. And when we had arrived back at his Home, I even caught him doing the Look Back. Converted.


I am not going to talk investment or speculate on rising prices, quite frankly I don’t really care for that kind of thing; it’s a Porsche, it’s a Car, and it loves to be driven.

That being said, I know what I paid for it, and I have spent Thousands of Pounds having this 996 made perfect at Charles Ivey during my ownership, so I am not giving it away. If you turn up to a viewing expecting to bargain on the premise that some 996 are “going for Ten Grand“, or that at one point you could have snapped one up for less than that, then go and buy one of those £10,000 996 because this 996 is not for you.

Hartech Engine [2015], LN Engineering IMS Upgrade, GT3 Plenum, MO30 Chassis, No Sunroof, No Parking Haemorrhoids Sensors, Black Leather, Milltek Exhaust. It’s a Christmas List 996.

You could drive this 996 with Daily Driver abandon, or Weekend Warrior cherish it, everyone knows how damned versatile and robust Porsche Product is. With the mechanical upgrades that have been made to this particular 996, either will be a carefree experience for the next owner to take this 911 to 90,000 Miles and beyond.

The Registration V9 LVN is a Private Plate, and can be purchased with the Car subject to negotiation; otherwise it will be supplied with its original seven character Y Registration.

£24,000 will get you a superb example of the superb 996.


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