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The 4Runner Sale

Honestly, I cannot believe I am doing this.. I LOVE this Truck.. But as Life’s Circumstances change, so must Priorities.. I never thought I’d sell the 4Runner, of all the Cars I have owned, this Toyota brings me the most Joy.. 

I’d like to thank The Academy..

This is a 1994 Toyota 4 Runner, not a Surf, with the Petrol V6 3 Litre Motor attached to a Manual 5 Speed Gearbox. It is not fast, but what it lacks in Zip it more than makes up for in dependability; it is turnkey start every time, has never failed me. I bought it back in 2018 from a Garage Owner who used to service it for the Professional Cricketer owner from new. The Garage Owner bought it from the Cricketer, who then sold it to me after several years of ownership.

Sure it needs some work, I’m not about to pretend otherwise, and indeed I had it scheduled for a Body Off Chassis Refurbish at a renowned Toyota Restorer on the South Coast. We had it up on the Ramps there a month or so ago for an inspection, and he was surprised at how good a condition the Ladder Chassis was in. There were some obvious areas that were worse than others, but nothing structurally compromised.

The Exhaust is shot, so that will need replacing. Also, there is an Oil Drip, most likely from the Rocker Covers. If you are interested in having that Work done, we can chat about that as the slot is still reserved. It has had a bit of welding on the Body to get it through the odd MOT [wheel inner arches etc.], but that is to be expected given this is a Toyota. But as with a Toyota, the Motor and Mechanicals will go on forever.

The interior is in pretty good shape, Sunroof works, all but the electric Offside Rear Window work and even the Rear Hatch Window works albeit reluctantly; I suspect it just needs a bit of a service.

I had Big Plans for The Beast, to the point where a full Respray was costed.. I even thought that I might electrify it in a few years time..

So, what do I want for The Beast..? If you want it, let’s have a chat and see what we can work out. There are not many of these around, in fact according to this is the only Petrol 3.0L V6 Manual 4 Runner on the Road; if this was a 911 it would be worth Millions [Rodney]..


  • OIL 7161 Registration Plate is included with the Sale.
  • Current V5 is in my name at my Home address.
  • Mileage is 159,400
  • MOT until October 2022
  • Original Booklet and Service Book present in Original Toyota Wallet
  • Sales Brochures and Price List included.
  • Two sets of Keys.
  • Both Remote Locking Fobs work.


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