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Eye of the Beholder

I’m still not entirely sure what happened, whether it was Cold Feet or Purchaser’s Remorse [if there is such a thing], all I do know is that I was so relieved the Sale had fallen through it could only mean it wasn’t meant to happen; I was almost Happy Crying..

I pulled the listing from Ebay having received a £250 Deposit, and resigned myself to the fact that The Beast was no longer going to be in my Life. The Buyer [based near Reading] requested a collection date and I accommodated a London collection by way of driving the Beast to London from its resting place at my Mum’s House in Eastbourne.

The three weeks leading up to the date went by quite testily; a broken Handbrake Cable, a Dead Battery, and Electrical Gremlins taking up residence in the 1994 Toyota. It was as if the 4Runner was trying to tell me something. The Handbrake was the worst of the bunch, I couldn’t sell it without one, and the £50 part would cost me £160 to install at a Putney-based Garage.

The Mechanic loved the look of it, but ultimately Hated working on it..

Although the Handbrake was now repaired, the Electrical Gremlins were not budging, so I had to take a hit on that. I appreciated I would be in for some bartering. The Battery was brought back to life with a restorative Slow Charge, so two out of three wasn’t bad.

The Buyer turned up at my address and, since he had not looked over the Truck before, was treated to a comprehensive Tour that included Engine ignition and a What Works What Doesn’t Work inventory. He then requested a private look over, which I granted, and left him to look over it himself; I of course had the Keys in my hand.

After several minutes, he approached me [I was sat on a bench around the corner in the Garden] with a flat mouth and declared “I don’t know what to do..”. Responding that I simply needed the Balance to be Paid and for him to drive the Truck away, he admitted that as a Driveway Mechanic taking on The Beast was simply too much for him. I was frustrated at this statement, after all I had been very honest in explaining what work was needed to be done by the next owner; work that needed a Professional Welder, Bodywork specialist, and Mechanic. But he was resolute, told me to keep the £250 Deposit since he had made me wait for so long for him to collect, and promptly walked back to the Train Station thence Home.

I decided that in fact the Beast was not going, that it was staying with me, and that I would have the required Work done

I stood in the Driveway, holding the Keys, £250 up. Well, £40 after the Handbrake Cable fiasco. I was so Happy.

As it happens, I was due to visit my Mum again that week, so rather than take the Train I decided to drive in the Beast. As I pulled on to her Driveway, she came to the Door with a surprised “I thought you had sold that” look. We sat down to a bottle of Cotes du Rhone and enjoying a large Glass, I decided that in fact the Beast was not going, that it was staying with me, and that I would have the required Work done. Perhaps there were two bottle of Cotes.

As an emphatic declaration, the following morning Wolverine took up residence in his usual location.


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