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Itchy Trigger Finger

After selling my 968 Sport, and enjoying the Carless Life, I realised it wasn’t Space I had created, but a Void.. So I set about Scratching a 996 Itch I have had for a few years [since I sold my 996.2 GT3 in 2013 perhaps..?]..

I won’t pretend that I haven’t been looking at the 996 Market for some time, possibly two years or so, watching Prices rise, albeit at Tidal speeds. But why a 996? Well, ignoring the M96 Elephant in the Room, the figures speak for themselves; Light, Stiffer and well, those two things are pretty important. Stepping out of a 968 Sport [and a 993 before that], the interior of the 996 feels modern yet remains Porsche. The Five Dials, the Centre Console, the spartan luxuries.

With the 996.1 GT3 using the stiffer Carrera 4 Chassis, and my penchant for creating a more aggressive 911, I narrowed my search for the All Wheel Drive variant, adding the following to the Must Haves:

  • Hartech Engine Rebuild
  • No Sunroof
  • Manual
  • Black Leather

Nice Haves were:

  • Factory GT3 Aerokit
  • Sports Wingback Seats
  • MO30 Chassis

No too limiting, so I had plenty to look at..! The C4 I ended up buying popped up on the market, with the following Spec:

  • C16
  • Hartech Block Engine Rebuild
  • No Sunroof
  • No Parking Sensors
  • Manual
  • MO30 Suspension Chassis
  • Arctic Silver
  • Black Leather
  • 70K
  • 4 Owners

There were also a few nice Mods, including a GT3 Aluminium Throttle Body, an LN Engineering IMS Conversion and an Evans Waterless Coolant Conversion. But really, that Hartech Nikasil Cylinder Block was the Golden Ticket. With that Work done, and obviously with continual Engine Management and Maintenance, this 996 was going to be without that Bore Score Worry.

It seemed like the Perfect 996 for me, so a Call and a Chat later I had put a £500 Holding Deposit on it; a Week later, and I was behind the wheel driving it Home from Yorkshire..

I admit, I had to look beyond the LED Head and Tail Lights conversion, they really do nothing for me. But I can handle cosmetic changes, what really go me going about this 996 was the Hartech treatment, and Chassis spec; I knew it was the one for me.

The 200 Cell Cat Pipes are a little loud for me in combination with the Sports Silencers, so they will also be reverted back to Stock. Those Tips need to be single oval units too..

Drove down to my Parents on the South Coast at the Weekend, and took some Photos in the Glorious Sunshine. Mothers’ Opinions seem to count for more than most, and mine liked the 996, so Praise Indeed there..!

400+ Miles in 3 Days, and I am hooked; what a great 911 the 996 is. It still feels small, tight and nimble, despite its 7″ elongation over the 993 model. The Cabin is a very tidy and purposeful place to sit, although I find that my Left Knee is somewhat trapped between the Steering Wheel and Centre Console Lower Trays, so a GT3 conversion [Delete] is on the cards.

What else..? Not much..! But as always, I shall write it up here and hope you will join me for another Porsche Ownership Journey..

Hasta Luego Amigos..


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