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Singled Out

The Journey I had been on with my 993 was an exhaustive one. I had transformed the Car; repaired, restored, renovated and re-purposed it.. It was not the same 993 I had bought. It was harder, sharper, tighter and rewarded you on every drive. But it had taken its toll on me as an owner, and I had fallen a little out of love with it. This happens. I have done it before with Bikes; you spend so much time and effort on something so intensely that actually you burn out a little during the process.

I posted a “Thinking about selling my 993” thread on a Forum, and next thing I knew I was hosting a viewing. Things move fast. And with a slight bump, the 993 was off to its new Stable in the Home Counties, where it would be the subject of yet more transformation into a full RS Replica. It was to receive a full colour change, the RS body kit and more. Did I mind? Not really, I could hardly be judgemental given the changes I had made. And it is after all, just a car, just a thing that I owned for a while, and now a thing that someone else will.

And it’s easy Come, and it’s easy Go.. And all this Talking is only Bravado..

Timing is everything, and with a move back to London on the cards, selling the 993 could not have come at a more opportune moment. The 968 Sport, stored under cover on trickle in my parents’ spacious garage, assumed its place following the sale of my ’94 V6 Toyota 4Runner as my new Daily Driver and so its spot in the Lock Up.

Only one Porsche..? Woe is me..

Out of Storage, and rather dramatically, it became obvious the 968 Sport required some post hibernation attention. The Clutch Slave Cylinder gave up the ghost finally, and was sent to a TIPEC & PCGB member friend who refurbished the unit for a small fraction of the ~£300 that Porsche AG were asking for a new one.

The aged Bridgestones were ditched and all new Rubber fitted to each corner in the form of Michelin Pilot Sport 2. Whatever your personal opinion of these, the profile is great on the 17 Inch Cup 2 wheels; the outgoing Bridgestones sitting too shallow.

Then a minor Cosmetic changes; the tired and perished Wiper Delete Plug replaced with a subdued black piece..

What a year it had been.. Somewhat of a Rollercoaster, but definitely a fun ride, but 2020 was set to be the year the 968 Sport would take centre stage. Bodywork, Paint, some light Performance modifications, but assuredly plenty of Miles..

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