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Well, not quite another Lockdown, but the reaction to London being placed into the Tier Two Category sure made it feel like there was one.

Anyways, remember those new KW Springs I ordered..?

Yep, those ones, well, turns out I swapped out the Old Units just in time. The two Front Main Springs had lost most of their protective coating as well as suffering from a generous dose of surface corrosion; the Rear Mains and all Helpers were headed in the same direction.

The KW Dampers are in good shape however, and weren’t weeping or leaking; always good news when it comes to the “budget”. I use the word “budget” loosely because there isn’t really a budget with these old cars, it’s more a case of prioritising and reallocating Funds from Normal Life into Porsche Life. This work wasn’t quite a “Sorry, Christmas is Cancelled” Bill, but it might be that I don’t buy myself those Nice Shiny Shoes I had my eye on..

Time is Money, literally, and when Height Adjustment Ring / Nut doesn’t want to budge because they have seized to the Damper Body Thread that is Time spent. Still, once removed and cleaned up, they were threaded on with Anti Seize so that next time [!] they won’t be so stubborn.

Collecting the 968, I could see an immediate difference in its Ride Height, it looked far more comfortable and firm; not sagging on the old Springs, wheels hiding just inside the Arches a little too much..

The drive home, whilst performed at a moderate speed across Central London, was much more firm and dialled. With a full Geo done once the new Springs were fitted, a little camber had been adjusted and everything was pointed in the same direction with the same attitude. It looked and handled a lot more Club Sport.

New Front Brake Disks and Pads were fitted also; I provided the Disks [Zimmerman, branded Bosch, from GSF] on a recommendation. New Pads too, eliminating a rather annoying low speed Brake Squeak that had persisted since Silverstone.

An early Saturday morning bolt to Herne Bay the next day really allowed me to enjoy the new poise, attitude and control; it was quite remarkable. Leaving London at around 0700, the traffic was very light and there have been the odd occasion when I crept above the National Speed Limit. To be honest, the planing of the 968 at such speed was akin to that of a new Porsche.

Perhaps, given the polite request, I have parked Too Close to that Sign..

Installing Recaros

I had been looking forward to this day for months. And it was worth the Wait. The Recaros had been a Labour of Love, but one that paid back in Buckets [da-dum-tish].

Starting with the Driver’s Seat, it’s an easy Four Bolt removal situation, not forgetting to uncouple the Electric Motor and Seat Belt Alert connections..

..which can be easier said than done when you have a New Dog that Will Not Leave your Side..

Seat Out, remove the Seat Belt Keep with a 17mm Wrench, again with the UnHelp of that Dog..

..and attach it to that Genuinely Expensive Genuine Porsche Part Bracket..

Definitely appropriate to pass the Vacuum Cleaner over the Seatwell. I did fantasise about finding a roll of Twenty Pound Notes, but alas was only rewarded with the discovery of two 10p Coins..

Finally, Bolt in and Wire Up [Seat Belt Keep] the Recaro, with a little more UnHelp from Murphy..

Step back and take in the Transformation unfolding before you..

Repeat on the Passenger side, although without the need to plug in a Seat Belt Sensor. Then park up somewhere inconspicuous and take some Photos..


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