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That’s the German for Storage, a feature I wanted to enhance in the 968 Sport. Underneath my Club Sport Shelf are the Bum Wells [?] of the Rear Seats, perfect for stashing kit you don’t want rolling around in the Passenger Foot Well, or the expanse that is the Boot/Trunk..

Lager is also the English word for Lager, a rather refreshing Beer best served Cold. Ideal for cooling off at the end of these Mental Hot Days we have had this August. I sure thought I deserved a couple after this bit of D.I.Y.

In keeping with the Slap Dash and Random nature of my Blog, this Post will be punctuated by a small appraisal of a Lager; reviewed not by me, but by my non-Lager-Drinking Partner in Life, and Porsche Nook and Cranny Specialist, Hollie; she sipped, I drank; her words, my scores out of 5.


I will admit that I bought a piece of Ply some time ago whilst living in Brighton at the same time that I picked up a piece to make the Club Sport Shelf. It was £2, from memory. I had eyeballed it rather than measuring, so kinda hoped it would be suitable; my eyeballs hadn’t let me down.

Measuring the Width and Height of the Hole, and cut into two pieces, the Off-Cut was just large enough. Next step was to use my new Best Friend – Bendy Wendy..

No, Bendy Wendy; £8 well spent. It’s pretty tough to get the exact curvature for a tight fitting piece as was required. This thing makes it too easy.

Measure the width and height of the opening and cut the Ply accordingly. Next, form the curve with Wendy, transfer to the Plywood, mark the line with a Pencil, then cut with a Jigsaw; on the Dining Room table of course.

Get a piece of sandpaper, wrapped around a block if possible, and take off the ragged edge. Looked pretty good. I did however forget that Sawdust tends to fly everywhere, so cleaning up after myself might take longer than expected.

Trial fit the piece. Perfecto.

Since the two parts should be mirrored, you can use the piece you just cut as a template, but best to check by fitting, reversed, on the other side.

Nice. Trace the shape on the other piece of Ply and cut with more and more Sawdust flying pretty much everywhere.. I still had a pot of Yacht Varnish, so a light application of that, just to keep it from soaking any Cabin moisture etc. Plus, it just looks so good.


“Sparkling Wheaty Water”
“Made for People who don’t like Beer”
Flavour 1/5
Kudos 1/5
Well Travelled 1/5 [Brewed in Barnes, London]


For Indiana Jones, it was Snakes; for me, it is Old Glue in Old Porsches. I hate it. Yet I seem unable to avoid it in pursuit of of perfecting a Porsche. This time it was getting it out of Carpet, so couldn’t go too harsh with the Chemicals for fear of damaging the shag..

Three Hours of Goo Goning later, it was as good as it was gonna get with only a vacuuming required to tidy up. It is a pretty grabby job though, and whilst the Swear Jar didn’t see any action, it is laborious and time devouring. You feel very Beer Deserving afterwards.

Keller Pils

“Smells Nice”
“Definitely has Flavour”
“Citrus, but I don’t like it”
Flavour 3/5
Kudos 4/5
Well Travelled 4/5


Using one of the Four Fundamental Forces in the Universe [Magnetism] to counter act another [Gravity] seemed logical, so I bought a set of Cupboard Door Magnets to keep the Stowage Doors in place.

Anchor Lager

“Very thick”
Flavour 4/5
Kudos 5/5
Well Travelled 5/5

Carpet & Straps

I considered having Finger Holes in the Doors, but really, an RS Strap seems more in keeping with the Club Sportification [!] of the 968, and held in place with two old Chainring Bolts salvaged from my Case of Nuts and Bolts, it also brought about a cycling connection.

With just enough RS Strap over the top of the Stowage Doors, they are quite discreet. Trial fitted above to check that the Magnets do their job and the Pull Straps provide a Finger Full, so to speak..

The Carpet had been somewhat of a farce, having ordered it from a reputable Ebay Store, then that being lost in the Post; ordering it from another Ebay Store, that then being lost in the Post, and finally from an Ebay Store that managed to express it to me within 24H..! Bonkers.. Somewhere there is a pile of Black Carpet that never made it out for Delivery. Worth the wait anyways, I think you’ll agree..

die Rechnung

Plywood £2
Yacht Varnish £n/a
Magnets £12
RS Straps £20
Carpet £11

Relatively speaking, these cost a little more than perhaps they should have, but I cannot argue with the finish, nor the functionality; they are perfect.

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