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Photo Pose & Storage Woes

Logistics. That the Most Troublesome aspect [for me at least] of owning more than one Car. Where to put them? When you don’t really even have space for One.

I was renting Two Garages in Brighton, one for my 993 and the other for the 968 Sport. I also had a Rather Rusty Toyota 4Runner that sat on the Street with a Permit in the Window. I know, First World Problems..

So, it was with a Heavy Heart that after only a few months of Ownership and fewer of Enjoyment, that I considered the prospect of selling the 968 Sport. Possibly recouping my outlay, but most probably at a Loss. Andy the Mechanic stepped in to help me out for a couple of months, and then a mate after that, but with the Market contracting the idea of walking away without a substantial loss was fading.

So enjoy it I did during those months. And the glorious Summer Sunshine helping me do that. First outing was a joint venture with a mate as we headed out for a Day in the Pigs [weighing the 993 along the way]..

Unfortunately, after this Time in the Sun, I lost my place in a Garage and I was forced to stash the 968 Sport at my Parents place, in a WorkShop, under a Cover, on a Trickle Charger, waiting..


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  1. Amazing photos of your 968 in the sunshine.. Did you achieve that with the camera/filters or digitally enhancing the pics afterwards.? Best regards – Alex

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