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Love the Beast

It must have been seeing Marty McFly walk over to his Toyota Truck at the conclusion of the 1985 Movie Back to the Future that started it for me. Not Fast, not Practical and probably not all that Comfortable, but damn did it look Cool..

Marty’s 1985 Yota was actually a Generation 1 Hilux Dual Cab rather than an SUV, but the front half profile is unmistakably similar and had changed little come the second generation in 1989 which ran until 1995.

Not Fast, not Practical and probably not all that Comfortable, but damn did it look Cool..

I wasn’t really looking for one, but found myself buying the 4 Runner on a bit of a whim, realising that the V6 Petrol / Manual Gearbox combo was a rare one in my years of browsing. Living in Brighton at the time, parking it on the Street [whilst the 993 and 968 enjoyed a Garage] with a Permit mitigated for the Storage Woes, so I really couldn’t think of a reason not to buy it.

The Service History was present, if not comprehensive, and a Folder of Tax Discs, Invoices and Receipts ticked that Box. There had been some Rust Work attended to around the Wheel Arches, bodywork metal held in a notorious moisture trap beneath those Wheel Arch Flares.

When it arrived on the Flatbed from Halifax, I remember feeling like I had won the Lottery; finally, I owned a Toyota 4X4. I had bought it from a Dealer in Halifax who had known the 4Runner for years, servicing it for the Professional Cricketer owner. His parting words were “If you ever sell it, let me know first”.

As I sat in the 4Runner, I took in the absolute joy I felt, and the fusty 1994 aroma I smelt; this thing needed a clean.

It actually spruced up pretty good, despite the 30 year old carpet, vinyl and upholstery material. Some fading, some UV bleaching and a touch of ingrained dirt notwithstanding it was quite a comfortable cabin to be in. The Stereo was broken, and tuned in to within a stones throw of clarity to Radio 4, but I wasn’t interested in the In Car Entertainment. As I fired up the V6, I took a moment for it to warm, and then popped the Bonnet for a look..

It wasn’t the cleanest Engine bay I had seen, but the simplicity and the raw mechanical nature of it was widening my smile. The 3.0L V6 reputation was one of unimprovability, it is what it is.

So with that in mind, I turned the Engine off and climbed out [and down] of the Driver Seat. I looked back as I walked away thinking that I just wanted to leave it as it is, it was perfect, but knowing that really, I wanted to make it immaculate and rust free; I just can’t help myself..

Post Script
Some/Few/One of you may have associated the title of this Blog Post with the Eric Bana documentary of the same name. If you haven’t watched it, I urge you to do so. The Film catalogues Eric’s ownership of his Ford Falcon XB Coupe; his first car.

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