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Bodywork, Paint & Panel

The Trans European Express RoadTrip this Summer was an amazing two weeks. The scenery, the adventure, the roads, the culture and the excitement. All quite literally mind altering. There was however, a black mark, a smudge, that unfortunately put a blemish on the otherwise untarnished surface.

Walking out to find your Car vandalised is memorable for all the wrong reasons. That sinking feeling, that unjust victimisation, that anger, that helplessness. The senselessness of it was too much to dwell upon at the time, so I waited until the following morning to tackle it. Photos. Police Station. Crime Report. The Works. Insurance would have to deal with this upon our return to the UK.

Whoever it was did a pretty thorough job; front to back, both sides, with what looked like a Stanley Blade, the paint knurling over like a mini wave as the blade had made its way along the bodywork.

These. Things. Happen.

Back in the UK several months later, I approached Precision Porsche and Impact Body Works up in Mid Sussex to handle the repairs and the insurance claim. They made it painless, which was what I needed really.

I knew there were some Rust issues under the Nearside Wing, so took the opportunity to source an OEM NOS panel, and had that transplanted onto the 993. Repairing a couple of spots of Rust on the Offside, and of course repairing the Damage that had been caused in France.

Andy gave me a Memory Stick of Photos, and boy did it get worse before it got better..!

Good to see that it was Solid under the Skin..!

The quality of the Workmanship at Impact really cannot be faulted, especially when you have a Photologue of the progress.

There’s something so satisfying about seeing a Masked Car in a Spray Booth, right..?

Original Panel, original Paint..? No thanks, not when it comes out looking like this..

Brake Disks & Pads

The Summer’s RoadTrips had also taken their toll on the Anchors. I’d warped all four Disks [!], the Calipers were looking a little [very] weathered, and let’s not mention that Squeal.. Eesh.. Again, Precision Porsche were tasked with their Replacement and Refurbishment.

Choosing a Colour for the Calipers is an opportunity to either elevate or customise the OEM units; Red for Turbo or S models, Yellow for Ceramics, Silver for Carrera 4, the list goes on.. And yes, I could have seized this time to do something similar, but as much as I want to customise my 993, I don’t want to pretend or imply it is something it is not.

So Black it was, and Black it is. And damn do they look great. Swapped out those Brembo Pads for Pagid numbers too, much quieter..

Driving back along those Country roads in January with a [once again] rejuvenated and renewed 911 was an absolute pleasure. Sure, it had cost me a Bob or Two with the extra Panel work I had opted for, but the Scars of the Summer were gone and the Brakes slowed our speed with aplomb and no Eek.

New Year. New Adventures.

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