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Trans Euro Express Prologue

Books rock..

It started with a Book [the one on the right] given to me by a friend for Christmas [2017], and from that Book came a Whim, and that Whim became a Probability. Next thing, I found myself planning a Summer 2018, 2 week, 2504 Mile, 6 Country epic roadtrip, taking in AutoBahn, Swiss Alpine Passes and French Riviera.

It was ambitious, and certainly adventurous, but more than that it was looking unbelievably exciting; if you don’t mind sitting in a Hip Squashing Recaro Bucket in a Non Air Conditioned 25 Year Old Porsche in the height of Southern European Summer that is. Planning the fortnight to span the end of June and start of July [2018], we’d have the best of the Weather, without the Holiday Crowds as it would be a few weeks before any Schools were out for Summer. Euro Tunnel to France, drive through Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France [again], Spain and then catch the 24 Hour Ferry from Santander back to England. It sounds great just reading that back to myself now..!

Not wanting to plan every day, so as to keep the itinerary flexible, the only date we needed to keep was that we had to be in Spain by July 7 for the Ferry. But similarly the RoadTrip had to have structure, and a coupla Goals in there for good measure.

With the Odometer reading around the 98,700 Miles mark, the 100,000th Mile for the 993 would be clocked in Europe, and whilst I couldn’t plan the exact location, it would nevertheless be a momentous occasion. All the Work that had been done to the Car, all the Blood [literally], Sweat [literally] and Tears [yes, okay, there may have been a few here and there] would be worth it. To do what all Porsches should do, be taken on a RoadTrip; to Grand Tour a continent, to howl through Mountain Tunnels, roar over Mountain Passes and squeal around Stone Lined Hairpins. Turning up to Campsites incongruously, pulling up outside a Hotel filthily and meandering the cobbled Streets of a European Village noisily.

Having driven to and through Belgium and Germany before, they were treated as Stepping Stones to the original concept behind this RoadTrip – the Alpine Passes, so getting to Switzerland as soon as possible was Priority Number One.

Pack up. Get in. Fire up the Flat Six. Reset the Trip Odometer. Go..

Belgium & Germany


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