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It’s the unmistakable centre piece of an Air Cooled 911, the Alternator / Cooling Fan. Propelled by a Belt off the Lower Pulley, it draws air in through its blades over the engine block, providing much needed cooling. Despite the assertion that the 911 Air Cooled engine is just that, it is actually Oil Cooled. […]


Bodywork, Paint & Panel The Trans European Express RoadTrip this Summer was an amazing two weeks. The scenery, the adventure, the roads, the culture and the excitement. All quite literally mind altering. There was however, a black mark, a smudge, that unfortunately put a blemish on the otherwise untarnished surface. Walking out to find your […]


Transformative. That is the only word that can succinctly describe the works carried out at Precision Porsche. I don’t think I truly described the lows I felt when the condition of the 993 was revealed to me, pride always tends to get in the way of openness, but looking back now, I can tell you […]

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