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1994 Porsche 993 Resto Rod

Category / Bodywork


Transformative. That is the only word that can succinctly describe the works carried out at Precision Porsche. I don’t think I truly described the lows I felt when the condition of the 993 was revealed to me, pride always tends to get in the way of openness, but looking back now, I can tell you […]


Dude..! Why haven’t you written a Blog Entry in 4 months..?? Sorry.. Yeah.. Well.. I kinda.. Hacking down an Exmoor Trail in July with a coupla mates on a Weekend of Mountain Biking, I lost my Balance; I went too Fast down an Unknown Trail. I rocked that Balance of Speed and Skill, too much […]


The first time you set out on a Journey, and you’re not sure of the Directions, it always feels, at some point, as though you are either Lost, or Getting Lost. Giving the 993 to Bob was akin to one of those Journeys. But, like that Journey, when you get to the Destination, you always laugh […]

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