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They are monstrously expensive, rare if you can find original units, crazy difficult to preserve, and not that light. But. They are Speedlines. Moreover they are Speedlines for Porsche, and if you get an opportunity to buy a set at a relatively sensible price, you have to take it. Even if you won’t and don’t […]


A genuine measure of Pile Depth, the RennSport style Carpet for the 993 has minimal Shag. Lightweight is the main aim, and with that comes the need for the lightweight Sound Deadening tackled in the previous Blog post “Inside Job“. The Carpet Kit I purchased was a Bargain, but in line with the idiom that […]


Some men are designed to be not so good at communication through the usual channel  (conversation), but are conversely able to express themselves and express a sentiment via a job or task shared. My Dad is one of these men. Doing something together and sharing, not halving, the workload is a constructive and meaningful way of spending […]