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That is the only word that can succinctly describe the works carried out at Precision Porsche. I don’t think I truly described the lows I felt when the condition of the 993 was revealed to me, pride always tends to get in the way of openness, but looking back now, I can tell you I felt pretty desperate.

And collecting the 993 was an emotional experience. Yes, it had cost me quite a bit of money [again, pride gets in the way of revealing exactly how much], but the money wasn’t the driving cause. As I have mentioned in previous articles, this Car represented something to me far more metaphorical.

On a personal level, the last 18 months have not been easy. And it has taken a lot of strength conjured up from within, drawn on from those close and almost physical from without. This car was me. Surely, now, it must have had all of the problems corrected; all the neglect mitigated, all the ignorance enlightened and the hurt healed. Risen from its Ashes. The Phoenix.

Let’s start with the Beating Heart. The 3.6 Flat Six Boxer had not much right with it, tired parts, worn rubber, corroded metal and frankly knackered everything else. But Precision knew what needed doing to save this vital organ. The impact of their labour is clearly visible, look at that thing.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was a Transplant, not a Transformation. The Look, the Smell, the Touch of it. The Sound of it. The Feel of it. Each Sense enlivened by the Precision Team.

The Bodywork saw just as much attention. Bodywork? Perhaps I should say Thing That Holds The Engine To The Chassis. Amazing. Amazing that the 993 held together at all.

I know you want to see how it looks after Precision replaced, refurbished and revived the Rear Chassis Legs, Engine Bay and Suspension Mounts.

Here you go.

Want some more? I know you do..

They say it’s not necessarily advisable for a Man to be present at the Delivery of your Baby, but this I was not going to miss:

Jokes aside about how I had to sell the Forward Gears to pay for some of the Work, I was nearly in tears. I’d never heard it sound so healthy. I remember hugging Darren, the Mechanic responsible for the work to Engine.

And then I remember driving South, along winding Country Roads on a waxy late November Blacktop, the burble and pop resonating against the Trees that lined the way. Country folk resentful of the sharp roar tearing the static air. I smiled the whole way. No stereo, but Music.

Whilst the 993 was at Precision, I was advised against welding in the Custom Cages [half] Roll Cage I intended for it, as it might detrimentally impact the resale value of the 993. Which would be true I’m sure. But if I was in this to make money, I would have stuck with the 997 Turbo S I had at the beginning of 2017 which has now have increased in value by about £25,000, and wouldn’t have bought this 993.

But I don’t have my eye on the future with the 993, it is on the present. So, the Half Cage is going in. And the interior will be perfected with woven rattan leather Recaro inserts, Rennline cabin adornments, black Carpet and a couple of nice CNC pieces I have picked up during 2017.

I also have something very special planned for the In Car Entertainment [other than that burble and pop] which I’m hoping will be discreet and minimalist. In any case, I hope you’ll join me along the way. Hasta Luego..

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  1. fantastic blog and a man after my own heart we have it seems a very similar journey! My silver 993 has had nearly everything you describe done and it was a very emotional journey. the constant sense that you have sorted all the issues for new one to crop up. Am very pleased to say mine is now my daily driver and I absolutely love it.Please keep up the blog it’s great.

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