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Inside Job

I have been driving the 993 for nearly a year without an interior carpet, and it was starting to wear a little thin [about 6 months ago].. Glue removal has been laborious, and often fruitless, whilst hunting for replacement interior panels in Black has proved time (and money) consuming..

So a few weeks ago, I thought it was about time [once the Snow had melted, and the Mercury had risen to positive integers] to get started with accumulated parts, starting with the..

RS Door Cards

If you remember, I referred to the chap who previously owned this 993 rather as a dimwitted character from an Eighties Comic. Well, his ineptitude was revealed once again, as I tackled the task of replacing the OEM Door Cards [which weigh in the region of ~5Kgs each] to some Custom RS Style units [~1Kg]. In his attempts to trap as much moisture as possible, and create Recording Studio level sounds proofing, he managed to double the weight of each Door. A few weeks earlier I had to check the 993 in at a local garage to solve an inactive Passenger Side Window, which turned out to be as a result of Sound Deadening inside the door, melting from the sun’s heat, drooping down into the winder mechanism/motor. Joy. Removing the Door Card top from the Driver’s Side, I could see the Idiocy driven Task that lay ahead.. Peek-a-boo..

DaUdlTlXUAAzNaj I thought I’d be done in a coupla hours; it took a day.. get the Door to a state where I was happy to put the new RS Door Cards on..

..add One Sheet of Sound Deadening inside the Door, low down as per Factory Spec., just to stop the Road Rattle.. the RS Door Card in situ to mark holes for the “Jack Nut” bolts to be placed, make some customisation of my own for the Electric Mirror toggle, fashion my own Clevis Bolt & Split Pin solution for the RS Latch Pulls, Double Sided Tape some thick polythene sheet to act as a Waterproof Membrane between Door holes and Door Card..

..put everything together, check Shut Lines, marvel, and wonder where the morning went.. Oh, and then repeat..


A quick Rant if I may [I’m sure that’s my prerogative here,  right..?], but even though I had purchased the Door Cards from a respected and renowned fabricator and supplier of the RS Door Cards, this was not a “this is all you need” kit. Be prepared to have to find solutions to problems that “have never heard of” before; a particular favourite of mine being the Clevis number.

Trouble is, when you finish one New Thing, it makes all the remaining Old Things looks worse than they did/were before, the most notable of these being the..

Rear Passenger Seats & Footwells

I had been looking at this section of the Car for far too long in this state every time I used the Rear View Mirror [great Pearl Jam song], and after several failed attempts at removing the 1994 Porsche Factory Glue, I figured it was time to have One Last Go at it and live with the results..

Okay, when I imply it was me having one last go, I mean asking my Girlfriend to sacrifice her day off and spend it in the back of a car, and not in a good way. Lightweight Dynamat was the Weapon of Choice; light [obvs.] but effective enough to reduce the rattle and tinny noises coming from Road and the whirr and whizz coming from the Flat Six.

De-Glue. Clean. Clean. Dynamat..

Passenger Side required some Surface Rust Treatment before any Dynamat could go down: De-Glue. Clean. Clean. Wire Brush. Rust Converter Paint.

The sound difference is amazing, the Engine Notes you hear now are the ones you want to hear; the growl, the howl, the burble and pop.. Bloody lovely.. These sounds were amplified by the..

TechArt Sports Mufflers

Coupla hours on the Ramps at a Local Garage [John Moore Autos; I highly recommend] for a swap out of the original [!] rusty Boxes and scratched Tips for TechArt units..

And while she was on the Ramps..

Braided Brake Hoses

All round, and a fill of Dot 5 High Temperature Brake Fluid.

Faux Vent Louvred Quarter Glass

An utter conceit, and for nothing other than Show. But..

She’s sitting pretty, ready for Carpet..



John Moore Autos [Brakes, Mufflers & Tips]
5 St Mark’s St.
East Sussex BN2 5JG
01273 693866

Gavaddy Automotive Glass [Quarter Glass]
01273 400 162



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