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Dude..! Why haven’t you written a Blog Entry in 4 months..??
Sorry.. Yeah.. Well.. I kinda.. Hacking down an Exmoor Trail in July with a coupla mates on a Weekend of Mountain Biking, I lost my Balance; I went too Fast down an Unknown Trail. I rocked that Balance of Speed and Skill, too much of one and too little of the other and SLAM! I wiped out..

Recalling the sentiment of that Age Quod Agis post, I did this Crash properly. I managed to tear all three ligaments that hold my Collarbone to my Shoulder Blade in a Grade 3 Acromioclavicular Separation, requiring major surgery and a frustratingly lengthy rehabilitation.

Sounds painful..
You have no idea.. Wanna see how they fixed me..?

So, they fixed you, then what..?
Having just about gotten over the Surgery, a RoadTrip to the Belgian Grand Prix, Spa was imminent. And I had promised to drive. I wanted to drive. The 993 had barely gotten time on the Tarmac after its Suspension and Steering overhaul and I needed to drive it.

Looks fun..
It was. I shared the driving, didn’t wanna push myself; had to maintain a Balance of Recovery and Activity, ya know.

That was August. September saw the Stumps on London Living pulled, and a move to the Seaside; Brighton. Got the Pig a Pen too.

Nice.. So now we’re 4 months since your Accident; what has happened to the Pig..?
Well, heard of the Rear Chassis Legs? They are the two arms of the chassis that attach the Impact Bumper and the Rear Fenders to the Body of the Car. And they are notoriously troublesome on 993s. Factory Bolting bare metal brackets to the Chassis, and then painting the Chassis means that two contact spots can sit in a perfect storm rotting and rusting until you happen to be under the Car poking around and spot that there could be a Problem..

I took the 993 to Precision Porsche in Sussex for what I thought/had been assured/was led to believe was a perfunctory Treatment, but as has consistently been the case with my 993, Shit went South. Rapidly. The Rust Damage was extensive, the Remedial Work required was comprehensive and the previous owners’ of my 993’s utter lack of care and diligence of a 911 was laid bare.

So a Stitch in Time saved Nine..?
Not quite, but maybe it saved Four. Any later with the work and I’d be forced with deciding whether or not to have the Work done at all and possibly walking away from Roon’s Street Rod entirely.

With the Engine and Gearbox out, the Chassis can be repaired properly, and future proofing the Chassis Legs from any corrosion. Andy at Precision has been very helpful, sympathetic and knowledgeable in guiding me towards getting the 993 back on the Road, ready for the next stages of its development [Comfort & Performance].

The 3.6 Flat Six will see all new Rubbers, Gasket, Nuts, Bolts, Belts and Covers as well as a light cosmetic lift. The Top/Full Rebuild will have to wait until next year when it received its 100K Mile Present. The Gearbox could do with a Rebuild, but fresh Oil and ancillary parts will mean it will be able to wait until the same landmark as the Motor.

If I had a Limitless Supply of Cash/Bottomless Well/Winning Lotto Ticket, I’d lavish Work on my 993. I love it. I do. It means far more to me than it should. And sometimes I feel like Tom Hanks in Money Pit; just when you make it to the top of the Rotten Staircase, the Landing Floor gives way and you end up in a heap back where you started. But remember the House at the end of that Movie..?

The Balance I’m striking here is one of Expense and Sensibility; something I’m not sure I have ever done before. So it feels rather Grown Up. But at least I know that once this Work is completed, further Works to my 993 will be Optional, not Essential. I hope.

So how long until the next Blog Post..?
A Month. Maybe 6 Weeks. Two months..? I honestly have no idea. I spoke with Andy at Precision this morning and he assured me that there had been no more Surprises [did I mention the requisite New Engine Wiring Loom Surprise at £1124+VAT?], and that the 993 was due to go into the Body Shop today..

He has taken a Stack of Photos of the Work as it has been carried out, so at least when I do get the 993 back, there will be plenty of Photos to check out..

Until then Amigos..

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