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Age Quod Agis

My Junior School had a Motto, in Latin, of “Age Quod Agis” which translated as “Whatever you do, do well” or properly. I’m not going to be so pompous as to say that I have lived every aspect of my Life like that since I was 11. However, when faced with either Easy, Quick but Imperfect or Difficult, Lengthy but Perfecto and the subject matter is Rust, it is easy to decide which option to go for.

After a week of infrequent phone calls from Bob at RGA Porsche in Vauxhall, he asked me [pretty much told me, actually]  to come down and chat about the 993, which I duly did this evening.

It’s never a  pleasant site to behold, seeing your Car plucked, pulled and left in that state as you walk into a WorkShop.

The dreaded Rust Beast was making a home for itself in a couple of areas thanks to the inept ministrations of its former keeper’s Mechanic. Metal had been cut to accommodate an aftermarket [albeit Porsche] Third Brake Light; Cable had been thumbed into place inside the inner Glass Rubber Seal; Metal ill treated for Rust prevention; Incorrect Windscreen Rubber Seal used; Aerial cable cut, rejoined, cut and rejoined again; et cetera..

So, Bob said he can Age Quod Agis, but it’s gonna take him two weeks and a bit more Moolah than had been budgeted for. If that is what it will take to get this done properly, then it’s worth doing and worth waiting for, right?

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