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Since I parked the 993 up in W14 I am willing to swear, without any reservation, that it has rained at least once every day. That is One Month of the wet stuff on a Motor that is about as watertight as a Sock. I went out to her on Saturday morning, and was greeted by 10-15mm of water sitting in the curbside driver footwell, rear footwell and rear bumwell [?!]. Nothing a BHS Bath Towel couldn’t handle, but still, not encouraging stuff.

So, having disconnected the Battery, I set about my Goals for the morning’s session; Clean the Carpet Foam / Glue off, install the Driverside Seat and swap out the 993 Steering Wheel for a tasty MOMO unit..

30 Minutes and Three Skinned Knuckles later, I decided to give the Glue Removal the Bird and focus on something a little more rewarding..

Mistakenly, I decided to tackle the Steering Wheel replacement before the Seats Installation; as it turned out, I could have done with the extra room when fitting the Driver Seat, but live & learn etc. After checking for the fifth time that I had indeed disconnected the Battery to ensure the Airbag wasn’t deployed into my Face when I tampered with the Steering Wheel, I followed instructions I had read on either the Rennlist, Pistonheads, TIPEC or Six Speed forums [I’ve done a lot of research]. A coupla Tick Tocks and no Boom later, and the MOMO was in place.

Seat installation was cramped but straight forward. Bolt the rails in using the forward bolt only; masking tape alongside the holes in the chassis; mark off the required hole location on the AUDI rails [the shame]; dislocate, drill, relocate, torque down. Repeat.

I know I’ll have to remove the Recaros to get the new Carpet in, but that won’t happen for a few weeks. I still have to clean the Glue and Foam from the Chassis; not a Thankless Task, but definitely a Laborious one..

In the meantime, the Parts Bin is filling up: Hayward & Scott X Pipe, RSR Mufflers and two 7J 55 17″ Cup 2 Alloys. All delivered to Work in London W1, all carried on the Underground Home [sorry Folks]. A quick five minute job reverted the Indicators / Trafficators to their original Orange sense specification.

The next Must Do was the Water Ingress through either the Sunroof [which has drainage that could be compromised], the Windscreen or the Rear Glass. Time to take it somewhere to get the Rubber replaced in the Glass. So that is where it is now.. Beautiful morning to take for a Sunrise Blast along the Chelsea Embankment, and with an abject lack of Soundproofing and/or Carpet, the Flat Six sounded glorious at 5K revs. in the Cabin..




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  1. I’m not sure I would’ve gone back to orange indicators. I understand why you did, but I think my personal preference would’ve been clear.

    Loving the blog so far roon


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