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A quick Post this one, as an evening’s toil made light work of the foil [good grief] at the cost of the skin on each of my digits.

The Good News was that the Foiled Sound Proofing came away easily [albeit because the Water Ingress had meant the Tar backing hadn’t stuck fast!]; the Bad News was that the Carpet had become rotten, and so needs replacing in its entirety. The removed Sound Proofing weighed approximately 8-9Kg, and the OEM Seats felt like they had someone sitting in them when I pulled them out of the Car. Some weight saving will certainly happen there with the Buckets.

There is still a lot of preparatory work to be done to get the chassis ready to accept the new Carpet which will not be for a while since both front and rear windscreens need resetting and sealing.


Once the metalwork has been cleaned of Carpet Foam and Glue, I’ll set about installing the Recaro Pole Position rails and seats, as I’m going to need to drive the 993 at some point soon. The centre “Alcantara” style inserts of these will be recovered in the future too, to match the Blue interior.


There is also a RoadTrip Deadline of a trip to Champagne, France over Easter Weekend. By then I hope to have the Brakes [definitely] and Suspension [hopefully] sorted by Analogue Automotive.

I also have some 17″ Cup 2 Wheels [to be painted Maritime Blue] that will be mounted once the Suspension has been installed, lowering the 993 a bit.


This Project is very much evolving as it progresses; I started out with an idea of how I wanted the 993 to look, but the more I work on it, and the more I consider the choices, the more deviated my path, and fine tuned my idea, becomes. Do I want an RS Replica? No. Do I want a Magnus Walker Style Outlaw 993? No. Do I know definitively what I want at this moment? No. But that is where the fun is – deciding along the way, maybe rolling some ideas back. Whatever happens, I’ll not be too proud to realise a mistake or challenge a decision I make. If you, the Reader, have any ideas or comment, please do so below.

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