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So, having had a [rather impromptu exhaustive] inspection by a Porsche Specialist, there were clearly a few Jobs hat needed tackling before anything else; replacing the glass rubber screen seals was one of them. Both front and rear screens had imperfect seals and allowed water ingress, which when sat on the street as it is, can be a major problem sooner than later.

The rear seats of the 993 I wanted rid of; they are not especially useable by an adult so, with no Roon Juniors to ferry around [yet?], are quite redundant.31765969190_0ea827c3ea_b_dThe rear Parcel Shelf had also been butchered to accommodate larger Speakers [a heinous crime in a Motor with such a sweet sounding Heart] and sat proud of its correct fitment, so I figured I’d:

  • take that out the Rear Parcel Shelf
  • remove Rear Seats and Belts
  • remove Carpet

that way, I could see the damage the leaking seal was causing at the rear of the Car. Turns out it was not a moment too soon to do this. From this point on, I shall refer to the Previous Gentleman Owner that did the sound proofing work on the 993 as Terry Fuckwitt.


Terry Fuckwitt thought one day “I’d like to make sure I can’t hear that Beautiful Engine over Celine Dion’s “Let’s Talk About Love” Album, so I’m going to cover the parcel shelf with Glue and stick as much Foam as I can get my tasteless Hands on.” Well Terry, you did a great job. As well as its sound deadening qualities, the Foam also acts rather like a Sponge in that is is exactly like a sponge, and held all the water that had made its way in through the poorly installed rear screen rubber seal in suspension. And by another process called Osmosis, transferred this water to the entirety of the sponged [foamed] area and into the carpet backing. The Carpet is ruined. Which is a good thing, as I was looking for an excuse to “RS” the back of the 993 anyways. Something like this..


..but done properly with no hanging carpet. So, back to reality, and all I could do was let the 993 dry out for a bit. Fortunately we’re not expecting much rain over the coming week, so I’ll be able to hopefully get out each evening after Work and clean the glue, the foam backing, the sound proof foam and the foil/bitumen compound form the Chassis.

Let the Fun begin..

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