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They are monstrously expensive, rare if you can find original units, crazy difficult to preserve, and not that light.


They are Speedlines. Moreover they are Speedlines for Porsche, and if you get an opportunity to buy a set at a relatively sensible price, you have to take it. Even if you won’t and don’t put them on your 993.

So yes, I came across a set. And I couldn’t resist. So I didn’t.

Tyre choice comes down to recommendation, and Michelins get good reviews, so I opted for the new Pilot Sport 4.

Fronts: 235 / 40 R18Y
Rears: 275 / 35 R18Y

Taking the Speedlines down to my local mechanic / mate one evening, the Wheel Swap Out was made..

I have to admit I was a little nervous that I had made this much of an investment in a single modification, that I wasn’t 100% sure of..! But it was a welcome geeky distraction to find out that Porsche Aluminium Wheel Nuts weigh only 18 Grams a piece..

Swapped.. 90ft/lbs on the Aluminium Nuts..

..and with the Front 5mm Spacer removed that I had on the Cup IIs, the Speedlines sat perfect in the Wheels Arches..

So, how good do they look like on the 993..? Let me know..

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