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The first time you set out on a Journey, and you’re not sure of the Directions, it always feels, at some point, as though you are either Lost, or Getting Lost. Giving the 993 to Bob was akin to one of those Journeys. But, like that Journey, when you get to the Destination, you always laugh at yourself quietly and think “Why the Hell was I so worried about getting Lost?”

I got the Pig back.

I wish I had taken a photo of her when I collected her, because I still have the image burned into my memory of seeing her ready to leave the Arch in Vauxhall, ready to hit the road, ready to come Home. I may have cried. I think it was Hay Fever.

Sounds dramatic I know, but it felt as though I hadn’t seen her for Five Weeks. Because actually I hadn’t.


The Work that Bob did on the 993 is absolutely amazing; the craftsmanship, the finish and the attention are all without fault. I am truly stoked to have taken the 993 to him, despite the time he took, because I know it’s an investment that cannot be made with any less than 100% commitment. But. If I ever do that Journey again, if I ever need to do it again, I’ll know not to worry about getting Lost. I really hope I don’t have to make that Journey again. Ever.

So, on the Tuesday I took the Pig to Analogue Automotive to replace the  Fred Flintstone Style Speed Reduction System with Brakes. Nice Shiny Disk Brakes. With Brake Pads. And Four Functioning Callipers to operate them.


It’s the following day, and I’m speeding [at a Velocity inside the National Speed Limit] North along the A3 confident I can slow down when required with the new Anchors that Steffen has installed. It wasn’t an easy Job, and the Speed Bump on this occasion was a seized Calliper and hose attachments that wouldn’t take the new Braided Hoses this time around. But Steffen is a Dude, and he worked with what he had, and what I got was a First Class Job.




With Friday approaching, and a Road Trip to the Champagne Region of France locked in, Thursday evening became a Roadside Workshop Chez Roon, for minor but necessary fixes and modifications. The least of which was to replace a Hack Bung Job done by Terry Fuckwitt [see earlier post] with a £0.40 solution.. Headlight Lenses..


..Orange / Red rear Lenses, Cup 2 Alloys and a Blanking Plate for the empty Stereo Headunit Slot [it’s the Little Things]..

She was ready for France..


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