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Magnus Walker’s 964

He’s a divisive figure in the World of Motoring, but love him or loather him, he builds some lovely Porsches. From his legendary Car 277 to this, his latest 911 Hot Rod; a 993 Engined 964.

The simplicity of this car is what appeals to me the most. Sure, there is a lot of detail; the louvres, the Fuel Cap, the Rear Lights. But it’s all Second Fiddle to the bored-out-to-3.8 993 Engine, the static aerodynamics, the as-low-as-you-can-go stance, zero switch dash and the rear-seat-delete RS Cabin. It’s perfect.

It reminds me that there is no need to add to my 993, that it has everything it needs, and it needs only to be made better by modifying what is there. The fact that this 964 uses a 993 engine [reportedly that came with the car when Magnus bought it] fills me with pride almost, that despite his reverence of the earlier long bonnet 911s or the extravagant arches of the 80s 911s, that the Beating Heart of a 90s model has to be the 993 engine. Sure it has a GT3 intake manifold, but that is a modification, and one that I hope to emulate.

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Build Spec

Max Power: 300whp, Max Torque: 280lb-ft, Weight: 2520lb/1143kg (wet)

3.6-litre 993 engine built to 3.8-litre RS specification, Gamroth Induction ITBs, MoTeC engine management, GT3 con-rods & bearings, high compression pistons, lightened & polished crank, reworked 964 cylinder heads, custom headers & GT3 twin-pipe mufflers.

5-speed factory 964 manual transmission with factory LSD.

KW Clubsport coilovers, ERP fully adjustable spring & camber plates with spherical bushings, Brembo Club Race discs & callipers

Fifteen52 Outlaw wheels 17×8-inch (front) 17×9.5-inch (rear), Pirelli Trofeo R tires 225/40R17 (front) 255/40R17 (rear)

’75 Turbo tail, hood, deck lid & roof channeled 12-inches, rain gutter delete, rolled & stretched fenders, one-piece side rocker panels, re-profiled bumpers front & rear, custom fender gas cap filler that utilises stock fuel tank, integrated rear turn signals, polycarbonate vented rear quarter windows, original trim de-anodised & polished.

Custom one-piece dash panel, manual windows, recovered leather Momo seats, Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw signature Momo steering wheel, Schroth 5-point harnesses, leather door panels & headliner, red square weave carpet, bolt-in roll bar.



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