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April 1994, I was 19 and about to finish [my repeated year at] Sixth Form College. At the same time, the Porsche 993 Carrera that is the baseline for my Street Rod Project was being registered for the road by the DVLA.


Fast forward to 2017 and at 42 I finally get my hands on, what I have always considered to be cosmetically,  the best incarnation of the Porsche 911. For many, the previous Porsche 911 [the 964] is the pinnacle of the 911 with a more raw appeal, but the Briton designed 993 has that sleeker, futuristic, analogue-with-a-digital-twist feel. It is the reason I bought a 2009 997 Generation 2 in 2014; the 997.2 being a Modern Day version of the 993 to me.

So, the Plan is to hollow is out a bit, take away some Dead Weight and give it a more aggressive Stance. The 3.6 Flat 6 pushed out 272 Horses back in ’94 and with a few tweaks [Lightweight Fly Wheel, Chip & X Pipe Exhaust] can see 300. That, couple with some improved Suspension [Coil Overs etc.] should mean that it will have great handling and a great power-to-weight ratio. I love the Arctic Silver X Metropole Blue combo, so that will stay, even if I do have to get some Buckets custom trimmed.

When building a Street Rod based on a Porsche 964, there is very often the use of the 993 M64 Motor, and its 6 Speed Gearbox, so I have no reservations about this 993 being unsuitable for such a Venture. Check out Magnus Walker’s Porsche 964 Street Rod.

Here is a photo of a Meeting the two Minds that influence my Street Rod; Anthony Hatter, designer of the 993, and Magnus Walker, the original Urban Outlaw:


The 993 is located in Edinburgh, so I’ll be off to collect that in a coupla weekends’ time; Train up, Drive back. 993 Adventure Number One..


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