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Neueste Neun

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Twenty Twenty

What. A. Year. It started off as One Thing, mutated into something quite unlike anything Imaginable, and then Ended in an Apocalyptic 1984esque Cluster Fuckjumbo. But, as the Bumper Sticker Idiom infers, these things happen. Spring With the departure of the 993, the 968 took over Daily Driver Duties for the last couple of months … Continue Reading Twenty Twenty

Buck It

[It was either Buck It or Recarostoration, so..] Sport, Club Sport or RennSport: any Porker is better with a set of Recaro Seats bolted to the floor, and having spent a 2500+ Mile RoadTrip sat in one, I know they are comfortable. Trouble is, as with most nice things, they are expensive, so finding a … Continue Reading Buck It


Well, not quite another Lockdown, but the reaction to London being placed into the Tier Two Category sure made it feel like there was one. Anyways, remember those new KW Springs I ordered..? Yep, those ones, well, turns out I swapped out the Old Units just in time. The two Front Main Springs had lost … Continue Reading Lockdown.3

Singer DLS

I have to admit, when I first heard about Singer’s Dynamics and Lightweighting Study, I didn’t like it. I hadn’t seen it yet, but something about it irked me. The idea of a 911 being a 911 without actually being a 911. The outrageous [but ultimately justified] Price Tag also catapulting it beyond what a … Continue Reading Singer DLS

2001 996.1 GT3RS

“Does it come in Black?” were the words that left Master Bruce Wayne’s lips in the first instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, as he questioned Lucius Fox about “the Beast”.. I imagine that the commissioner of this 996.1 GT3RS, Andreas Knapp-Voith, had a similarly wry smile on his face when he started the … Continue Reading 2001 996.1 GT3RS

Epilogue – Sine Qua Omnia

If I had £1 for each time I had said “I am never selling this Car”, I’d have about £10. Okay, maybe more. But honestly, from the moment I bought the 993, driving and soaring along the Scottish Mountainside from Edinburgh I never thought I would sell it. But that is the nature of Life … Continue Reading Epilogue – Sine Qua Omnia


That’s the German for Storage, a feature I wanted to enhance in the 968 Sport. Underneath my Club Sport Shelf are the Bum Wells [?] of the Rear Seats, perfect for stashing kit you don’t want rolling around in the Passenger Foot Well, or the expanse that is the Boot/Trunk.. Lager is also the English … Continue Reading Lager


With Liberties partially restored in May, heading out for a Drive was no longer a fantasy, and meant that some items on the 968 List could be ticked off. I booked in Ramp Time with Andy the Mechanic, loaded the car with the Koni Shocks, Pagid Brake Disks and some SPF30 and headed to Brighton … Continue Reading Lockdown.2

One More Hit

I have never been satisfied with the RS style Door Cards I fitted to the 993 some time ago. Their condition has been slowly [but surely] deteriorating from the odd foot rub, perhaps an aggressive door shut, but generally through use. So I thought it was about time that I had a go myself at … Continue Reading One More Hit

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