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Love the Beast

It must have been seeing Marty McFly walk over to his Toyota Truck at the conclusion of the 1985 Movie Back to the Future that started it for me. Not Fast, not Practical and probably not all that Comfortable, but damn did it look Cool.. Marty’s 1985 Yota was actually a Generation 1 Hilux Dual … Continue Reading Love the Beast


I am going to get into trouble for this, as I did say to my Partner that I wasn’t going to modify the 996. Certainly not to the extent that I modified my 993. But somethings do need to be modified. A while back, I watched the Auction of an Arctic Silver 996.1 GT3 on … Continue Reading Contact


Having driven a few Hundred Miles since the Purchase, I thought I’d get stuck in to making a few cosmetic changes to the Pig.. Unleded As I said before, I had to look beyond Those Headlights when I zeroed in on the 996.. I understand, sympathise even, the need or desire to upgrade Headlights. My … Continue Reading Cosmetics


Last Weekend, I lost my Dad to Cancer. I have written little more than those eight words in the last 3 Hours. It is difficult to know what to write, what to share with you, about a matter so subjective, about a Grief so singular. I don’t want to talk about his suffering, of the … Continue Reading Pop


I couldn’t actually believe the invitation at first, I thought that I couldn’t be this lucky, twice. But, as it turns out, I can. Dan Furr, Editor in Chief of 911 and Porsche World Magazine had messaged me on Instagram via the 968 Sport’s Account, and asked if I would like to appear in a … Continue Reading print()

Itchy Trigger Finger

After selling my 968 Sport, and enjoying the Carless Life, I realised it wasn’t Space I had created, but a Void.. So I set about Scratching a 996 Itch I have had for a few years [since I sold my 996.2 GT3 in 2013 perhaps..?].. I won’t pretend that I haven’t been looking at the … Continue Reading Itchy Trigger Finger

The Sale

I have come to the decision to sell my 968 Sport.. Ownership I bought this 1994 968 Sport in February 2019 at ~163,000 Miles mark. I had it as a second Car to my 993, so it didn’t see much action early on, but after the sale of that 993, it took on Only Car … Continue Reading The Sale

Cell Block Ache*

*I know, I’m sorry.. I really must work on these Tabloid-esque titles.. When I took the Pig for its MOT earlier in the year, I have to admit I was surprised at the high number of Miles I had covered in the year since its last; some 3,500. Given the restrictive measures we have all … Continue Reading Cell Block Ache*

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