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Burn Rubber

There is a marking on the sidewall of Car Tyres that denotes the age of the Tyre, it is referred to as the DOT number. Inspecting the BF Goodrichs on the 4Runner, the DOT number was 0711. That translates to a production date of the 7th week of 2011, so quite old; ancient actually, and … Continue Reading Burn Rubber

What Lies Beneath

The trouble with a Loose Thread, or a Can of Worms, is that even before you start either Pulling or Opening you know what you’re in for; an Unwearable Garment, Worms everywhere. But I really wanted to remove the Flares on the 4Runner, I just do not like them. I have drooled over too many … Continue Reading What Lies Beneath

Spring Clean

No, I didn’t just clean the Springs. In fact, I didn’t touch them, and they do need cleaning, but that will have to wait until the Chassis and Bodywork receives some intensive Rust Treatment later in the year. This [perhaps premature] Spring Clean was just to get a few items ticked off the That Really … Continue Reading Spring Clean

Eye of the Beholder

I’m still not entirely sure what happened, whether it was Cold Feet or Purchaser’s Remorse [if there is such a thing], all I do know is that I was so relieved the Sale had fallen through it could only mean it wasn’t meant to happen; I was almost Happy Crying.. I pulled the listing from … Continue Reading Eye of the Beholder

The 4Runner Sale

Honestly, I cannot believe I am doing this.. I LOVE this Truck.. But as Life’s Circumstances change, so must Priorities.. I never thought I’d sell the 4Runner, of all the Cars I have owned, this Toyota brings me the most Joy..  I’d like to thank The Academy.. This is a 1994 Toyota 4 Runner, not … Continue Reading The 4Runner Sale

The 996 Sale

Ownership I bought the 996 Carrera 4 in July of last year at the ~75,000 Mile mark. I had recently sold my 968 Sport and thought that I would wait a while before I jumped into another Porsche; as it happened, I needed to scratch a 996 itch I had had for some time, and … Continue Reading The 996 Sale

Knock Knock

It’s no Joke, when you turn the Steering Wheel to Lock and then edge forwards in a Toyota 4Runner, you hear an ungodly knocking sound that make you think the Steering Rack is going to sheer off and leave you stranded. My Dad told me about it years ago, because he had a Hiace with … Continue Reading Knock Knock

Love the Beast

It must have been seeing Marty McFly walk over to his Toyota Truck at the conclusion of the 1985 Movie Back to the Future that started it for me. Not Fast, not Practical and probably not all that Comfortable, but damn did it look Cool.. Marty’s 1985 Yota was actually a Generation 1 Hilux Dual … Continue Reading Love the Beast


I am going to get into trouble for this, as I did say to my Partner that I wasn’t going to modify the 996. Certainly not to the extent that I modified my 993. But somethings do need to be modified. A while back, I watched the Auction of an Arctic Silver 996.1 GT3 on … Continue Reading Contact

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