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Sunshine Coast

There is a Road Sign on the A22 as you approach the outer boundary of Eastbourne that reads “Welcome to the Sunshine Coast” and I think, growing up in Eastbourne, that I never really appreciated just how much of a Sun Trap this corner of Sussex can be.

Like most Town Centres of this Century, rather depressingly there is not much to look at on the High Street beyond the Gambling Dens, Charity Shops and Outlets for any Style of Chicken you want [as long as it’s Fried]. But when you stand on that Seafront, looking out to Sea, with the Sun burning a hole in that Bright Blue Sky and warming your face, you can be transported fair away from that grey image; and yet ironically you’ll find there are few places you’d rather be.


Show & Shine

I remember a Car Show in my Childhood on Eastbourne Seafront, but the memory is foggy, and so walking onto the Western Lawns on the Saturday was akin to a first visit. I have to say I was happily surprised to see the turnout and feel the atmosphere; it felt exciting.

Even with the Coronavirus Lockdowns firmly in the Rear View Mirror, it was uplifting to see so many people out enjoying the Spring warmth, together; small groups of Camping Chairs at the rear of a Classic Saloon or Coupe, with a soundtrack of conversation, conviviality and laughter.

Opening a conversation with a displaying car owner brought you closer to the show, each owner happy to share memories or ownership stories, genuinely interested in why you had stopped to look at theirs. The first chap I spoke to was the owner of the white Daimler [the fist slide of British Classics below] and so excited he was to share how special the car was to him. We chatted for several minutes and can honestly say it was the opening gambit that set my smile for the rest of the morning.

So, please enjoy the Slideshows below, I took quite a few photos..! And let me know of your favourite in the Comments. If you want to know which was mine, then you’ll just have to scroll patiently through to the bottom of the page.

British Classics


World Classics

Modern Classics


Discovering that Sunday would have a refresh of Cars on display, I was eager to head back. The Sun was out, and so were the Car Enthusiasts, it was another great crowd enjoying the friendly and bustling atmosphere.

British Classics


Modern Classics

World Classics

Engine Bays

Who doesn’t like to peer into an Engine Bay at a car Show and coo at the shiny Rocker Covers, suck your teeth at a Stromberg Carb, or marvel at a Shiny Manifold. So, here is a selection; I wonder if you can guess the Car to which thy belong..? Post your answer at the bottom in the Comments section..

Best In Show

So, which was my Favourite..? Well, I have to say that it was rather refreshing to not see so much Porsche..! It seems like most Cars & Coffee [and variations on that theme] Meets have a bevvy of 911 from across the ages; perhaps it’s simply that I have been going to wrong ones..! In any case, the Car that stopped me in my tracks over the weekend was a British Classic. I asked the owner if he might drop the Bonnet down, just so I could get a photo of its beautiful profile; the Sun coming out just in time to shine of its deep deep blue Paintwork.

1968 Triumph TR5



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  1. Great Turnout Matt.Looks like a lot of effort was made for such a local event .Daron will be very excited when he sees your blog.

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