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1994 Porsche 993 Resto Rod

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It was quite a thing, how this idea came about, and I can’t say that I played any part in it other than agreeing to be a part of it..! My mate Andrew’s mate’s mate is Steve Bennett, Editor in Chief of the long running 911 & Porsche World magazine, and following a conversation whereby […]

Trans Euro Express Switzerland

Stopping at an AutoBahn Services, it became very clear that we were crossing over into a different landscape to the one we had navigated for two days. Behind us, the undulating silken and silvan fabric of a landscape threaded by tarmac. Ahead of us, Mountains. Mountains that were the horizon. Mountains that filled half of […]

Trans Euro Express Belgium & Germany

You know when a RoadTrip is heading in the right direction, when the First Stop is hosting an International Beer Festival. And whilst I’m no Fan of Football, the European Cup coinciding with our arrival certainly made for a lively atmosphere..! Trying to find a Bar that doesn’t have 200 Drunk Punks in however, becomes […]

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