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Known more readily by its Street Name: Rust..

It is thought that around 1/7th of all Iron production is used to combat the spread of Rust, quite an astonishing proportion of the resource. Rust is also the cause of around 4/7th of all Grief suffered by any Classic Car Enthusiast, as no matter how hard you try, there is no avoiding it; I have had my fair share.

Corrosion is as part of the Chemistry of the Universe as is Entropy, and so when I noticed the tell tale signs of Bubbling on the OS Rear Wheel Arch some months ago, I knew I would [in deed, should] tackle the problem before it had spread beyond reasonable control.

Rust is also the cause of around 4/7th of all Grief suffered by any Classic Car Enthusiast.

I was told [incorrectly so, I have subsequently discovered] that the rear bodywork of the 968 [from Nearside B Pillar, round the back to Offside B Pillar] was a one-piece panel, so ensuring that the Rust was caught and repaired was paramount. The Panels that make up this section in fact number three; the Offside Rear Wing, the Nearside Rear Wing and the central Panel [on which sits the Sport badge etc.] which forms part of the Chassis. Nonetheless, the Rust needed treatment because, as you can see by this photo, the bubbling had spread to an approximate 12 inch section of the Wheel Arch.

Bubble, bubble; toil and trouble..


During the conversation I had with Dan Cox about refurbishing my Alloys, he mentioned that he had a history in Classic Car Renovations, particularly Bodywork, and so seeing the dedication and attention to detail that he had paid to the Wheels, asking him to the do the Work was a No Brainer. We agreed on a Date and a Price [more or less!] and locked it in.

In the interregnum, I received an Email from 911 & Porsche World magazine asking if I would like to have my 968 featured in a 968 Special issue. I of course, grabbed the invitation with both hands and yelled “Yes”; metaphorically of course.. Photoshoot was to be the first week of May, some three weeks away. I needed to get the Rust Work done..!!

I received an Email from 911 & Porsche World magazine asking if I would like to have my 968 featured in a 968 Special issue..

One Mildly Panicked Phonecall with Dan later and the 968 was booked in for the April 24th, a Saturday; 10 Days before the Shoot. I had faith, I knew Dan would deliver.

Dan had told me that the OS Rear Wing was not as bad as we had feared, needing no Metal Work. As a result, Dan offered to tackle the OS Front Wing which had the Nasty Orange Stuff at the base of the rearward section of the Wheel Arch. This, it turns out, was quite bad, and tackling it proved to be a wise move. This was discussed and the work agreed,over the phone so when I dropped in to see how the Work was progressing, I was both surprised at the former and very pleased at the latter.

There are some tricky lines around the Wheel Arches of a 968, it isn’t a simple bend from Wheel Arch to the rest of the Panel.

I will admit that, in the back of mind, I was thinking will this be finished in time..? It was Saturday May 1st; the Photoshoot was Thursday May 6th, but driving up on Wednesday evening.

Collection Day

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. The 968 was ready for Collection..! I arrived for the ceremony suitably armed with a Coffee and Doughnuts for Dan. I promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited; it’s just a Car etc. But did I gawp at the finished article. Polished, Front PU MOP’d, altogether looking fantastic, and the Sun turning up right on cue to light up the Guards Red.

Photos..? You got it..

Some close ups of the repaired section, taken upon returning Home.. The Arch stickers will be affixed once the Paint has aged a week or so.

Happy..? You betcha..

No messing about though, it was time to Hit The Road..!


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